Is your mindset on wellness?

Is your mindset on wellness?

The mind is a powerful tool. We can be wise in how we choose to use it, or let it wander into destructive thought patterns that can easily go from bad to worse.

Most of us have a keen awareness of all the wanted and unwanted things going on around us. We feel good when we’re looking at something we like, and feel bad when observing something we do not like. But how many of us know the value of these emotions and how to use them for our own positive outcomes?

A positive thought about anything is a sign that we are in agreement with our higher selves. It’s a signal that this thought pattern is one that serves us well and will bring more things we like into our experience. Likewise, if the observation triggers a thought that feels in any way negative to us, it’s a sign that our higher selves are not in agreement with this thought. That we should at this point look away from the trigger or otherwise try to diffuse our idea about it. In other words, to soothe oneself any way we can until we feel better.

Since each of us is eternally connected with universal forces/Great Spirit/God—it matters not what we call it—we each have unlimited access to the loving wisdom and guidance that is continually offered us. How to tap into it? Stop that human mind chatter for a little while, and do it every day. This can be extremely difficult at first if one has been practicing the opposite. But I can think of nothing more worthy of our time to do.

Nothing special is required. Just a comfortable spot free from distractions. Breathing deeply is pretty essential. As is having a clear intention of just letting your mind rest. Just for a little while, only 10-20 minutes. And we all know what happens when we practice something regularly: it gets easier and easier to do and we get better and better at doing it.

Now, a quieted mind is able to hear or sense the gentle, loving, soft whispers of universal forces that have awareness of everything. Of which your higher self/inner being is an integral part. Since this is actually a more natural state for us than our adopted constant mind chatter, it’s counterproductive to try hard at it. It’s far better to just relax into it and just do the best you can each time. Just aim for as few thoughts as possible. Focusing on a monotonous, meaningless sound is often helpful. Find what works for you.

Some times will be harder than others, depending on what has your attention in your life. But practicing it first thing in the morning is usually best, before your day can trigger the usual reel of thoughts regarding multiple subjects. While we sleep all conscious thought ceases, so directly after that clear mind state is the easiest time. Of course, any time that works best for you is great. Just remember consistency is key.

Clearing the mind can begin a glimmer of hope. A glimpse, perhaps, as to the humor of it all. The human mind worries, criticizes, doubts and fears. Meanwhile, our higher selves are calmly knowing our eternalness, our wellness and our value to all that is. We didn’t come here to figure it all out and then make others comply with what we’ve decided. We have no control over any other. But we ARE the only ones who can think our own thoughts. And one thought attracts others on a similar wavelength.

Quiet your mind today for a few moments in a peaceful setting. See if you too can feel the relief of it. And then, as you improve this skill, prepare to feel the utmost joy and empowerment of knowing your full worth, just as you are.