Deciphering Your Acid Reflux Trigger Foods

Deciphering Your Acid Reflux Trigger Foods

‘Sheila’ who took my Healing Acid Reflux online program had acid reflux for years. She was a having a typical breakfast one day with yogurt and granola, and the next thing she knows, she has reflux. Wow, that was strange! It didn’t seem like those should be trigger foods. The next day Sheila had yogurt with Cheerios and no reflux!

So was it the granola that caused the reflux?

After some thought, it made perfect sense. Granola is filled with fat, and fat can cause acid reflux. The Cheerios are low in fat. That was the difference.

Good thing she did her food journaling because without it, she probably would not have been able to identify her problem food! She may have concluded it was the yogurt instead of the granola and would have possibly given up the yogurt she enjoys and relies on.

Now she knows she can have her yogurt and just has to watch the granola. She can buy a low-fat granola or make her own, so she can still have it but not get sick from it. She can also have a portion size that won’t trigger her reflux. She has options in how she can adapt so she can still have the granola she loves.

These are the types of discoveries you can have in the Healing Acid Reflux online program, so that you don’t have to completely give up every food you enjoy. Instead you can make modifications or substitutions to keep your acid reflux at bay.