ADDICTION? Add Light and Color

ADDICTION?  Add Light and Color

Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) is used in conjunction with other standard addiction recovery techniques.  Dr. Judith Miller pioneered using LENS (and Amino Acids) at her Courage 2 Change Ranches and worked with the state government to change how addiction is viewed.  

Once you are clean and sober I can assist the brain in recovering from the chemical trauma of addiction as well as balancing the neurotransmitters and increasing the blood supply.  The pathways in the brain become disrupted, creating many difficulties in understanding, motivation, memory, relationships, and jobs. 

Becoming clear again increases awareness which then gives you choice.  Getting the neurotransmitters balanced reduces cravings and, I have been told:  "My life has light, color, and sound again!  It is worth staying sober for!"

"My brother is working and staying clear of meth.  It has been 6 months and he is working and fully participating in his life! Thank you!"  

LENS whispers to the brain and wakes up the sleepy sites (suppression) so you can join in and have choice and control in your life.  Clear thinking.  Greater ease. Less procrastination.  Mending relationships.  Healing and the opportunity to choose who and how you want to be in this world.  I'd love to assist you.

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