Why You Want To Look at Serving Size When Selecting Pet Food

Why You Want To Look at Serving Size When Selecting Pet Food

Why you should not select a pet food by price alone.  I work with many pet owners and their first question is always, 'how much does it cost'.  That's when I explain why they should look at the cost of the food as their first consideration.

Here's what I recommend.

1 - Ingredients
2 - Serving size
3 - Price per pound
4 - Guaranteed analysis
5 - Price

Price should actually be last, not the first thing that you look at and here's why.

The price of the food is directly linked to the quality, and amount, of animal protein.  Animal protein is the most expensive part of the food so if you are seeing by-products or worse, unnamed animal sources such as meat and bone meal, animal by-products, etc., the quality and price will be less.  And in some cases, you'll have no idea what you're really feeding your pets.

The lower the cost of the food, the greater the serving size and the less nutrition your pet will be getting.  

Below is a chart showing the suggested serving size for different dog foods for a 50 lb. dog.

You may feel that you cannot afford better quality food because of the price; however, if you look at the differences in serving size, you'll notice that the higher-quality food's serving size is much less which means that you'd be purchasing it less and you may not actually be paying that much more.  

I always recommend that pet parents do their research and make the best selection possible that they can.  I'll work with pet owners to analyze the food they are currently feeding and then make my recommendations.  I've been using and recommending the same food for almost five years.