10 Powerful Habits for Building Your Self-Esteem

10 Powerful Habits for Building Your Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is the belief you have about your self-worth, in other words, how much you appreciate and love yourself.

We learn in our very young age from our culture, environment, life experiences the basis for overall self-esteem and we start to judge ourselves or compare to others.

If you continually received negative assessments in your childhood from friends, family members, at school, you likely experience problems with low self-esteem (SE).

How do you recognize if you have low self-esteem?

When someone points out something he doesn’t like about you or a mistake you did, do you get into that obsessive cycle stressing about what you’ve said? Do you start criticizing yourself? Do you feel shame and self-doubt? Did someone ever tell you that you are overly sensitive to criticism?
When we suffer from low SE, we’re unsure of ourselves. We continuously second guess our decisions and we usually ask someone around us what they think we should do. Why should you trust someone else more than yourself?

Suffering from low SE and anxiety can make you more sensitive to what people say to you. You probably heard a few times “Stop depressing and just be happy, there is worse than you in the world!” “You are too sensitive” “You ask yourself way too many questions.”
Well, it doesn’t work that way inside it’s not just a button to switch but a healing path to take and I have good news it can get better!

No matter what experiences you had in life, you can learn how to build self-esteem practicing daily those 10 habits I am sharing with you in this article it will also boost your self-confidence, an essential skill in life. With constant practice, you will feel completely changed.


Your appearance is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. Taking care of the way you look will immediately make you feel better about yourself. Wear something flattering that you feel pretty in, a perfume that makes you feel attractive, shave, try a different hairstyle, beard style, apply natural fragrant body oil to nurture your body, and face cream.

Try out some jewelry. What about wearing a hat today?
I know what you are going to say “I look terrible with a hat on, I don’t want to draw attention to me”. We will get there soon.


Stop looking down while walking around. Uplifted posture can improve your confidence, mood, and overall health.
Studies from researchers at Harvard University have shown the link between bad posture and the brain. Improving your body posture can boost the brain’s function your mood and memory levels.
Pull your shoulders back and outward, head in alignment with your spine and your brain will get the signal that you are confident, powerful and will affect your decision making to more certain choices.
A 2009 Ohio State University Study shows the link between the motion of our head and the message sent to the brain. So sit up straight, you will think more positively!


To start building your self-esteem keep a journal and start writing down your experiences, how you felt about them. What is your strength? Your qualities? What have you done in your life that makes you proud?
It can be small like braiding the hair of your child or something significant like walking away from an abusive relationship or a job. Seeing the list growing on the paper you will stop feeling like a victim and start to see impressive things and that you are CAPABLE AND UNIQUE.


Once you’ve identified something you are good at, finds ways to demonstrate it. Join a book club if you love reading, a cooking class if you enjoy cooking, start a blog if you like writing. Drawing can soothe the mind as well.
It will break negative thoughts patterns. You will have a feeling of achievement, of purpose in life and make more friends.


When we suffer from low SE, we tend to be hostile, isolated, and we focus so much on our limitations that we forget to see the pain of others.
Smile at someone in the supermarket, help an elderly crossing the street, offer your help to carry someone else bag into the top of the staircase.

You will start building more positive thoughts about yourself.

A few years ago, while in Australia, I was walking around and saw a blind man with his dog, he was at a traffic light waiting to cross the street. I offered my help, took his hand and told him kind words, he trusted me, and we passed together. I didn’t feel this good in a very long time.


It is essential to accept positive feedback if you want to build self-esteem.
People with low self-esteem are resistant to compliments. Each time someone tells you something sweet accept it and say “Thank You,” easy. Do not neglect this step.


We tend to hold on to negative emotions, beliefs, and thoughts that don’t serve us. Whenever you catch your inner self-talk criticizing and judging change what you’ve just heard into a positive self-affirmation.
For example, if you realize you are comparing yourself with others when joining a fitness class and telling yourself things like “I am so overweight and not flexible what did I do for all those years!!” stop right here!
You are in a  negative wheel, and it makes you feel bad. Instead, try to reverse it and with practice, you will win!  Be kind to yourself and reframe it to something more positive like “I am very proud of myself for starting a fitness class, I will feel better and more flexible at the end of each class” “I am perfect where I am in life”.
I will give you another example, if you eat ice cream while you are dieting, don’t say “I am a failure I will never get rid of my extra weight” instead reframe again into ” I am doing the best I can right now.” Do you understand the principle?

The way we speak to ourselves makes us feel bad or good.  Those negative self-talk can be automatic, meaning you don’t even know they are here but after reading this article, you will start having more awareness.
The more you will develop awareness of your thoughts, the more you will be able to control the way you feel.
Practicing meditation is a way to quiet your mind, relax and breathe. It is a great time each day for a few minutes to welcome your thoughts thanks them for being here, and release them with breathing techniques. Do not judge them, they are here to tell you something. Meditation is a moment where you can reflect on what you want in life.

Self Esteem can improve when you practice loving yourself every day.


You’ve probably heard this one a hundred time that’s because it works.
Moving your body will raise your level of endorphins (the feel-good hormone) and have a profound effect on your self-esteem. Your mind will feel stronger as you reconnect with your body.

Setting up small, achievable goals will form mini daily habits that will give you a sense of accomplishment and skyrocket your confidence!


The type of food you are eating affects your gut bacteria. Researches show the link between mood & behavior and how they are directly changing by the bacteria in the gut. If you start balancing the gut microbiota with more beneficial bacteria the symptoms could be alleviated. Simply said, good digestive health will make you in a happy moodand will make you forget irritability and anxiety!
How do you do this? Eat more leafy greens, green juice, lots of fresh fruits & veggies, water and get rid of processed packaged food of any types!
Nature gives you what you need to protect your health.


Is your job stressing you? Your home environment?
Are you spending money on self-destructive coping mechanisms?
Take some time to figure out what’s adding stress to your life. Be conscious of it and start making a plan to change it.
By taking the money you spend on unhealthy comfort food, excessive drinking, cigarettes or overindulgence to any kind you can use it for self-improvement. You can empower your mind and body to raise your self-esteem.
Whether you choose meditation, yoga classes, self-improvement courses or healthier food, you can make yourself feel better.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me I will be happy to help.