Anxiety? Give it the BOOT!

Anxiety?  Give it the BOOT!

Anxiety is a state of mind that robs us of the joy in life.  Anxiety becomes a "rut" in the brain and body: like the muscle memory acquired to ride a bicycle.

By doing LENS on the fingertips, the flight/fight response hijacking us into anxiety is reduced.  The LENS on the head breaks up the "ruts", allowing you to find different ways to respond. 

The neurotransmitters in the brain become more balanced and the brain starts working as a whole unit instead of fragmented parts.  New choices become available.  

Each session is tailored to your physical, mental and emotional being to the best of my ability.  The more feedback you can give me the better I can assist you in your journey. 

The rate of improvement I try to tailor to your ability to cope with change.  As the new you emerges, life can become an exciting journey full of new choices.  

Give anxiety the boot and start living the life you were born to live.