Anxiety, Stress, Goals & Happiness

Anxiety, Stress, Goals & Happiness

I recently took a trip to New York City to see my daughter after her 21st birthday. She has always been a strong and driven young lady.  She has been living in the Bronx since May of this year and is attending The Fashion Institute of Technology. She’s always been one who reaches and strives for her dreams. 

Needless to say after growing up in Northern New Hampshire she has been experiencing some anxiety with her most recent move. 

I can remember years ago when striking off to somewhere unknown would be almost more than I could handle. Over the years I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to get things done that needed to be done to better myself. Sometimes pushing through seems impossible.  

On the train ride down, I listened to the book “Untethered Soul”, by Michael A. Singer. I remember thinking as I was listening to it, “Everyone in the world should read this book”. In his book he talks about just this subject. Working through stressful situations in our lives and how important it is for us to live our lives fully. It was something I could relate to for myself and everyone close to me. 

While listening to the book, I realized how far I’d come since the age of my daughter. I also realized how much further ahead of the game she was than I, at her age. 

When I got to New York she met me at the train station and we spent the weekend walking the city, eating great food and shopping for school supplies for her upcoming classes. I enjoyed all of this even though it was so crowded and busier than any other part of my current life. 

That is until we hit the subway at rush hour. I still didn’t freak out but did have a few moments where I had to tell myself to breath. It is a very different situation than our commute in New Hampshire. 

When leaving NY I told my daughter that I totally understood why she was experienceing  anxiety but was so very proud of all she’s doing and how she pushes through every day when she’s facing a new morning with new feelings, an upset stomach and the variety of odors as she pushes through the streets of New York City once again.

On the way home, I realized that I had lost my keys somewhere in New York City. Years ago a situation like this would have made me very stressed out. Not that I didn’t feel any stress this time, but I certainly did handle it better than back in the day. I called my husband and asked him to head for the train station with the keys to the car.

 After walking around town with my suitcase for a bit, I finally sat down on my suitcase next to the car and meditated. That was when I realized what had brought me so far. Meditation has helped me overcome so many obstacles in life with grace and ease. 

Meditation has helped me deal with anxiety, stress, my goals and finding my happiness. It has helped me choose happiness just as Michael Singer talks about in his book and I am very grateful for that. Though, there is always more work to be done, I am so happy to be where I am today verses where I was at my 20 year old self.