Heal Your Hurt, Free Your Heart

Heal Your Hurt, Free Your Heart

There is Power within you, that’s more significant than any pain or suffering you encounter, and no matter who you feel wronged you, or what circumstances occurred, you are deserving of the liberation that comes with Forgiveness.

When you open your heart to the possibility of healing, you change the trajectory of your life. Forgiveness is the way that we keep ourselves clear conduits for love’s sense flowing through us. Mastery is the ability to forgive and forgive well the key to having the kind of loving relationships we want.

Forgiveness is a Practice — Not an Event

You are learning the importance of Forgiveness and why practicing the act of forgiveness matters. Discover how Forgiveness can change your inner world, which will then have an immediate effect on your outer world. You will learn that Forgiveness is a shift in perception that has been blocking you from love.

Forgiveness can’t change what happened to you, but it can change your relationship to what happened. Forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger. While there is some debate over whether true forgiveness requires positive feelings toward the offender, experts agree that it at least involves letting go of deeply held negative beliefs. In that way, it empowers you to recognize the pain you suffered without letting that pain define you, enabling you to heal and move on with your life.

Perhaps most troublesomely, however, forgiveness, as we relate to it, is letting the other person “off the hook.” We equate it with absolution—excusing the other from blame, guilt, or responsibility for what they did. We imagine it as symbolically setting them free from having to carry the burden of suffering that we believe they caused.

Forgiveness is Not Saying

You were not hurt by what the other person did.
You no longer believe the other person was responsible for causing harm.
You are back to being the person you were before it happened.
Life can now pick up where you left off, and you feel the way you did before, as if what happened never happened. Share the blame for what happened.
You can ever forget what happened.

End Results

Your pain is gone. You are back to being the person you were before it happened. Your life can now pick up from where you left off, and you feel the way you did before, as if what happened never happened.

Forgiveness suggests an openness to meeting the present moment freshly. That is, to be with a special someone without allowing the past to get in the way of what’s happening now.
Forgiveness involves being willing and able to respond to what’s happening in the present moment and not react through the lens of anger and resentment, the residue from the past. In meeting now, freshly, we stop employing the present moment to correct, vindicate, validate, or punish the past.

We show up, perhaps forever changed as a result of the past, but with eyes, ears, and a heart that is available to us and what’s possible right now.

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