Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Inflammation days

By: Carmella Foster (LMT)


     Soreness, achy joints, headache, and stiff muscles-does any of this sound familiar to you?

Since my diagnosis with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 2013, these are the four most prominent symptoms that have been near constant companions. Also, I like many others with this condition experience these symptoms hitting high peeks during prolonged episodes.

I call them Inflammation days. These days leave you drained and achy, your mind feels foggy, and it leaves you unable to focus.

These days are the result of prolonged bouts of emotional stress, lack of relaxing in sleep, possible lack of essential minerals such as Magnesium, potassium, or sodium; and physical exertion without proper warm up or cool down for the body.

Also, these Inflammation days really hurt, with all of those symptoms getting to the point, we're just getting out of the bed to use the bathroom, can feel like your daily achievement. Moreover, these episodes can and do in many cases last for days!

     However, after completing Massage Therapist training, I learned quite a few tools that Massage Therapy can give for managing the type of inflammation that is so prevalent with these portions of the population, that have this condition. Myself included.

For those that experience Inflammation days after a workout, understand that lactic acid only exacerbates what is already building up to be an Inflammation day.
So a tip to use is 15-20 minutes of warm up, and equal time in a cool down, in order to flush the lactic acid out of your system.

     First off in managing your Inflammation days are, that while over the counter med’s can help, I feel an over-dependence on these pharmaceuticals can cause just as much harm if not handled responsibly. You may even build up immunity to the medicine to where you start to feel sick trying to use it.

I mentioned Massage Therapy as a useful treatment tool, and I mean it! For Inflammation days, good light to medium pressure lymphatic massage could make the process easier to manage, since you're using the lymphatic system to clean the body out, think of your lymphatic system as the cleanup crew. 

    Next, Nutmeg and Catnip/Catmint are good essential oils to start with on Inflammation day, given their anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties. If you can get carrier oil be it coconut, almond or apricot and mix in those two essential oils you can use the solution, when you go in for a massage.

Most spas will allow this, and those who utilize a Massage Therapist personally, who come to you could use this oil during the session. Massage Therapy also uses heat-hot stones, will increase the mechanical effect of these treatments.

Now if you are very heat sensitive, you can even get this effect from hot hands or hot towels.
This will open up your muscle fibers and in tandem move your fluids around to help cleans the body.

Thank you for reading, I wish you light, joy and healing. If you have further questions about these tips, feel free to leave a comment, and I will do my very best to aid you with more information.