Ayurveda Fall Tips

Ayurveda Fall Tips

Ayurveda Fall Tips

Follow vata soothing food program-generally warm, moist, spiced food--think crockpot meals

Ground vata daily through breath, relaxation, resting, being

Replace the practice of worrying with the practice of faith; prayer and meditation

Enjoy gentle, restorative yoga, let someone else do the jogging

Allow the mind one thing to focus on at time, multi-tasking is an illusion

Replace lunch time errands with a nap, quiet rest, or relaxation breathing

Enjoy calm warm environments

Favor picnics and quiet lunches to bustling restaurants

Practice deep breathing and clear your mind instead of chatting with colleagues

Take in soothing, calming music leave the loud, aggravating music

Limit intake of mass media, especially news and talk radio, replace with inspirational

Take in a romantic comedy

Close up computer and television by 6pm

Take a technology fast on evenings and weekends

Read spiritual uplifting works instead of the newspaper/magazine

Spiced hot tea with natural sugar and organic cream instead of caffeine/coffee

Wake up to a soothing alarm clock such as a chime or a sun-clock

Learn at-home tools you can use to keep grounded