I read a book... I am healed…

I hadn’t had sciatica pain for about a year when he hit me in March and was much more than I ever felt before. The pain was really severe, and I had tried everything… I got better for a while after seeing a homeopathic Chiropractor. But then the pain came back and it was in a different place and it was intense… and then I remembered the book I was supposed to read. A friend made me buy this book, she texted me to buy it and followed up a few days later to make sure that I bought it. So I bought it in then I didn’t read it for five months. A couple of months after I had the book I ran into another friend and he told me to read the first chapter and the last chapter. I mean that took all the pressure off I could do that, right? I still didn’t read the book for three months. So when this pain came back and I had already been surrendering and releasing so much. I read the book (the first chapter and the last 3 chapters... Within the first week after reading the book I felt the pain releasing. Just reading a few chapters of this book showed me what my subconscious was doing, what I was allowing. Because I had this realization the source of knowing why the pain came was revealed to me. All through my life I was remembering, as I was reading. I was releasing, as I was reading. The second week after reading the book I had no pain and I have had no pain since. It’s been about a month. If I get a twinge of pain, I honor it and I let it go. I don’t hold the pain anymore. My subconscious created pain to distract me from feeling what needed to be felt. ((Look here look here, don’t feel what hurts you)). Now that I know that it’s happening I can just let it go. I found that my body was clinching/tensing in the areas with pain. My body was holding onto the pain so tight that it couldn’t go away. So I just let it go. I started to get a migraine 2 weeks ago and I just let that go too. I’ve suffered migraines for 25 years and now I can just let it go...

If you suffer in pain, read this book! If anyone you know suffers, have them read the book! Don’t wait like I did.

I am grateful to the pain for teaching me to let it go. It’s always worth it. It may not seem like it at the time, but our pain teaches us our greatest lessons.

Lisa Rene Engleberg - Conscious Music & Journey to Self Love