You're injured. Is Your Body Having a Communication Breakdown?

You're injured. Is Your Body Having a Communication Breakdown?

Your body is an internet of sorts.  When it’s working well, all your body parts are in regular communication with each other, exchanging information back and forth.  I was amazed when I first learned this.  I used to think that only the brain spoke to the body, sending out instructions.

What does this look like in your daily life?

Digestion - If you’re enjoying your favorite food, you take a bite, chew and then swallow, sending the food down to your stomach.  The stomach begins to do its job of breaking down and digesting the food.  It also tells your liver, gall bladder and small intestine (and other parts of your digestive system) that food is on its way.  The liver, gall bladder and small intestine, etc. receive the information and get ready to further process the food.  And so on as the food moves along and into your large intestine.  Good communication helps you digest better.

Movement - When you stand up, take a step forward and begin to walk across the room, the left and right sides of your body have a conversation.  When the left side is done stepping forward the right side takes its turn and vice versa.  Your steps are smooth and even when there is a balanced flow information between right and left.

A car accident, a fall, or a sports injury, is going to disrupt some of this vital communication.  How much will depend on where and how badly you’ve been injured.

What happens next?

With a serious fall, the information flow between the left and right sides and the upper and lower body can be affected.  The result could be lack of coordination, or persistent pain in the injured areas.  Compensating by using the uninjured or pain-free side can lead to even more imbalance.

Imagine someone running behind your tv or computer and pulling on the wires and cables.  All signals are not getting through 100% so the picture is not clear or not working.  To fix it, you need to plug everything in again.  Our bodies work in a similar way.

Here’s how a simple fall created chronic pain.

I worked with a hair stylist who fell in a store and injured her wrist.  Her wrist and hand were in pain.  She was wearing a brace on her wrist.  She usually washed her clients’ hair, but it was too painful.   The salon had to get her an assistant.  After a few weeks the pain was still there.

We did a healing session to balance communication in her body.  First was balancing the left and right sides of her brain to help her nervous system function better.  Next was balancing communication between the upper and lower spine, her wrists, and a few other body parts.  When I spoke to her a few months later she said that the pain was gone two days after the session!

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves.  Sometimes a little help restoring communication sets up the right conditions to heal and relieve pain.  Don't lose hope.  Healing is possible!

Have you had an accident or injury that's left your body out of sync, feeling like you haven't fully recovered?  What happened?  What have you tried that's helped?