Bone Smart Pilates With Teresa Maldonado Marchok

If you have been reading my bone blogs over the past several years you know how much I emphasize the importance of eating a good bone-healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Yes, taking your OsteoNaturals supplements IS really important but without eating a diet rich in vegetables and taking time to exercise you will be missing half the battle plan. And that exercise needs to be effective to stimulating bone...and SAFELY! Well, I just reviewed a great exercise video specific for people suffering from osteoporosis and it is exactly what I have been looking for for my patients with osteoporosis.Produced by Teresa Maldonado Marchok, this DVD will help you to tone your muscles, keep your joints supple, and stimulate bone strengthening..all while having fun following Teresa's lead. Teresa has 17+ years experience as a physical therapist and certified Pilates teacher and is the owner of Pilates with Teresa in Mountain View, CA.

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Teresa and while listening to her talk about osteoporosis and exercise it became immediately clear that she is no ordinary therapist.

Teresa is an energetic firecracker with expertise in bone health and LOTS to offer. She is REALLY smart and no newcomer to helping people improve their bone health. That is really important as it takes time to understand what works with this disease and what doesn't. It was evident that she has totally immersed herself in the study of osteoporosis and how exercise, for people with fragile bones...was her thing. Teresa really knows her stuff.

I must admit, Teresa's connection with my alma mater did make me perk up and listen. With Stanford being near and dear to me and knowing that they take ONLY the best :), it was very impressive that Teresa had founded a Pilates program at Stanford University School of Medicine's Health Improvement Program. Teresa's background as an elite athlete (she was a soloist with the renowned Martha Graham Dance Company) also gives her that important understanding of exercise that a person only gets after years and years high-level intense training. Take that, and couple it with her physical therapy degree and a background in Pilates instruction, and you have someone who really knows how to squeeze optimal benefit of exercise into the bones. And, she will keep you safe while doing it. Please check out Pilates with Teresa, here is a link to the trailer for her DVD. It is the best exercise video for people with osteoporosis that I have seen.