Using Energy Healing For Specific Intentions

Using Energy Healing For Specific Intentions

The first time I received reiki as a client, I walked in with some specific hopes for what I wanted the healing session to achieve. I told my practitioner, Teasha (who would later become my teacher), about the pain I was experiencing. She was empathetic, but also clear: Reiki works for your highest good. The outcome of a session may or may not be the same as what your conscious mind is asking for.

If you’ve spent any time reading what I have written on my site’s homepage about some of the applications that reiki is good for, one of them is “Change and Manifestation.” I offer tailored sessions for clients who are seeking to find specific answers or intentionally create a change in some aspect of their lives. During these healings, we use a combination of reiki, meditation, and discussion to help clients receive inner guidance about their path, and to energetically support them in achieving it.

So if reiki works for your highest good, you might ask, how can we use it to achieve specific intentions? What if our intention isn’t in line with our highest good? We all know that that sometimes happens. We might set out to achieve a certain goal - like get a particular job or pursue a certain relationship - only to find out that it wasn’t the best decision after all.

If what we want isn’t for our highest good, reiki won’t support it. Rather, the idea behind the “change and manifestation” reiki sessions can best be summed up with some classic Rolling Stones lyrics: You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

That’s the principle behind doing a series of energy healing sessions with specific intentions in mind. We can only start with where we are. Our conscious mind may indeed be on board with our “highest good.” It often does happen that people walk into a reiki session wanting a certain outcome (like relief from a physical pain, clarity on a decision they need to make, or the release of emotions like fear and grief), and walk out having achieved it in whole or in part. It’s awesome when that happens! If what you want and what you need are the same, then things will unfold in a fairly straightforward manner.

Other times, our “highest good” points us in a different direction than we start out going. Or, it needs to show us a quick detour before it leads us to where we consciously wish to be. I’ll give you an example from a recent client.

This client came to me wanting to find answers about her business. Her career was at a crossroads, and she needed to decide whether to continue down the path she had been on or pursue other professional goals. She signed on to do five reiki sessions over the course of several weeks, during which we dedicated her healing to finding answers to this question.

As my client meditated and received reiki during our sessions, a certain message came through to her: her higher self told her in no uncertain terms that what she did with the business in that moment wasn’t all that important. She needed to be focusing her time and attention on relationship and family matters instead.

In the weeks following our sessions, she did her best to take the advice that her inner being had delivered to her. She felt more relaxed and at peace, which contributed to improved physical health and more ease moving forward. Interestingly, as she focused on her family and relationship more, a path forward for the business emerged on its own. She eventually got the answer she wanted, but it took a few detours toward more important needs first in order to arrive there.

2017 was a year of massive change and turmoil for most of the people I know. The things we thought we wanted have been ripped away from us. Our subconscious pains and needs have been surfaced in ways we could have never imagined. We’re going through a big collective shift toward our collective highest good, and it’s not happening in an easy or straight-forward way for most of us.

As hard as all of this has been, it’s also highlighting ways in which we can ask for help and support one another as we rebuild toward better selves and better futures.

I have a lot of hopes for creating good things in 2018, and I bet you do, too. If some of the things I’ve shared here resonate and a series of reiki sessions devoted to putting you on the right path toward your goals sounds like something you’ve been seeking, now is an excellent time to give it a try.

Reiki sessions for intentional change and manifestation are not much different than other healing sessions. The exception is that I request that clients be willing to commit to at least 3-4 sessions spaced relatively close together (generally every 1-2 weeks, although we can space them closer or farther apart depending on how you are feeling and processing the energy). The sessions may also be a little more interactive, with conversation and/or meditation interspersed between periods of the client passively receiving energy.


In any case, I wish you success in finding your highest-good answers in this new year!