Firing Judge Foody: Letting Go of your Inner Food Critic

Firing Judge Foody: Letting Go of your Inner Food Critic

Do you have an inner food critic?

If the voice in your head often sounds like this:

“I can’t believe I ate all those M&M’s!”
“I ate so badly over the weekend. I’m starting my diet tomorrow.”
“I’m going to have to stay on the treadmill for an extra hour because of that lunch!”

The answer is likely a resounding yes!

This inner Judge Foody is scolding, shaming, and criticizing you. It’s letting you know justhow unworthy you are and that you cannot be trusted with food.

The voices of the inner food critic in your head get a lot of practice by being repeated over and over again.

Because of this repetition, powerful pathways have been created in your brain, including distinct behaviors and beliefs about what is right or wrong with you and your food choices.

These behaviors and beliefs continue to gain strength because they’re fueled by your experiences.

You’ve probably learned to tell yourself if you eat “healthy” foods, you are “being good”. All is well—you’re on track, worthy, and you feel empowered.

But then…

You eat “unhealthy” foods.

You tell yourself you’re being bad. You begin an all-out war with yourself, making sure you hear how stupid, lazy, and fat you are. You tell yourself how much of a disappointment you are to everyone and how you cannot be trusted with food.

This voice is our inner Judge Foody. 

How has she been working for you so far?

Research tells us our inner Judge Foody’s criticism does nothing to ignite change.

Instead, it increases stress levels, decreases self-esteem, and lowers self-confidence.

If you knew this destructive and judgmental voice did not work in motivating you to change, wouldn’t you get tired of listening and let her go?

With that in mind, why do we continue to listen to our inner food critic?

It’s time to fire Judge Foody!
This life you are living is way too short to continue to employ this Food Judge any longer.

Here are three reasons to let go of our inner food critic and embrace the power of our own intuition when it comes to food choices. 

1. Food is just food.
Foods are not “good” or “bad,” and you are not “good” or “bad” due to the food choices you make.

Eating a bag of M&M’s does not make you a bad person, no matter what size body you are in!

2. You already know what’s best for you.
Your inner food critic has criticized your choices, dictated your actions, and scolded and shamed you into guilt, depression, self-hatred, and abuse.

It is time to fire the judge, throw away the scale, and begin to trust yourself and your inner body’s physical requests for food, fuel, and pleasure.

You already know what foods feel right and work in your body-it’s just a matter of tuning in to your own voice instead of the voice of your inner food critic.

It’s time to listen to yourself instead of Judge Foody!

3. It’s time!
You have given Judge Foody too much power for far too long.

Hire yourself a new upbeat, positive personal assistant.

One that treats you with respect and appreciation, enjoys the taste and textures of food, and moves her body because it feels good. She does not criticize your choices for dinner, but instead sits down and treasures both the moment and the food with you.

By releasing the labels we place on food and our own self-judgment, the more likely we are to finally find peace and freedom with food.

For many of us, the first step in this process means firing Judge Foody and letting go of our inner food critic!

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