Since my first birth, I felt like something was missing.

Yes, I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy, but my inner voice was wanting a more for-filling experience. I read, I researched & watched videos. I knew then that I needed a Birth Doula. My second birth, birthed two people, my second son and a new empowered mom. I had a New Birth. I was supported by a great birth team: My amazing husband, my 2 best friends and a Birth Doula. Even though, we had an emergency C-Section, this experience empowered me to be brave for my third child. I was able to birth a little girl through VBAC and I was also able to have another New Birth for myself. 

These experiences, my research, others stories confirmed in me that I would be a supportive, caring, attentive, gentle yet strong Birth Doula.  My continuing education increaases my knowledge about childbirth.

My Mission is to help support a Mom and their Partner's birth plan and welcoming their New Birth. Help them birth with their mind, body & soul, one step at a time with gentle continuous support, following their birth plan, can lead you to Birthing a New You.

Your New Birth!