Exercise And Osteoporosis...Make It A Priority

As I was cruising to the finish line in a recent triathlon (finishing 1st in my age group [60-64] and 4th overall), a surge of great pleasure ran through me. "This is who I am...someone who uses his body to the max." I ABSOLUTELY love it. I love being an athlete. It really IS WHO I AM! The interesting byline here is that I also have--or at least HAD-- severe osteoporosis. I would be miserable if I couldn't train and compete hard.

That brought to mind a recent posting on an osteoporosis chat line where a woman wrote "I have advanced osteoporosis and it is an exercise limitation." She went on to explain that there were many things that she could not do because of her bone loss and increased fracture risk.

This not only saddened me but reminded me of the dreaded fear of "breaking" that the diagnosis of osteoporosis carries with it. My initial diagnosis at the age of 45 seems like eons ago. My T-score was -4.3 and I experienced a lot of fractures. The fear of ongoing fracturing was HUGE, but thankfully none of that seemed to stop me. The key here is that from the very beginning I was in a fighting mode. I never let the diagnosis stop me. I fought back. Of course most of you know by now that OsteoNaturals is the result of this fight and the ingredients in our products are what turned things around for me. I now have my bone health under control and, thankfully, OsteoNaturals has become an integral weapon for others in their fight to reclaim skeletal health. The really great thing is that these people are winning too.  Onward!