Bowenwork Technique

Bowenwork Technique

Bowenwork/Bowtech is a dynamic system of muscle, fascia and connetive tissue techniques that is revolutionising health care worldwide.The gentle moves on soft tissue stimulate energy flow, empowering the bodies own resources to begin healing itself. It is safe to use on anyone from babes to the aged and produces lasting relief from pain and discomfort and often helps mobility problems.

The Bowenwork Technique balances the body which makes the bodies ability to heal itself become more effective. The technique consist in a series of precise moves on specific points of the body. These can be done thru light clothing and only have to be strong enough to activate the nerve and/or fascia in the area.The technique uses positive moves that initate a positive energy flow and negative moves that isolate this energy to a secific area. To do this the practitioner must develop a keen tissue tension sense to correctly carress the existence of these subtle imbalances.

The most common problems that we encounter are lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain and sciatica most of these will clear with only a few sessions, if they are chronic more sessions will be needed depending or the severiety of the problem and the health of the individual.

A list of problems that have been helped with Bowenwork:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Knee Problems
  • Ankle Problems
  • Foot Problems
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Sinus Issues
  • Sports Injuries
  • Chest Pains
  • Coccyx Problems
  • Pelvic problems
  • Kidney Issues
  • Often help with fertility problems
  • Trauma, Stress PTSD etc

Much more because it helps the body to heal itself.

One way to invision how the Bowen Technique works is to compare it to an intricate muscial insturment that requires adequate tuning to produce good music. Just as the musician must place his fingers precisely on the strings, so must the Bowen Practitioner carry out each particular move precisely.The body is as sensitive to touch as a fine insturment. Just as the strings on an insturment must be played carefully, so must the structures of the body be activated correctly to effect the proper Bowework response.

We offer a free consulation to give you more information on how the Bowenwork works and how it could or could not be something that would help your situation. Every indivdual is different so we need to evaluate each according to the specific problems. You can call us at (325) 676-9227 Ext #2 is Neil Hall and Ext #1 is Lisa Rhodes. We look forward  to meeting with you. Both of us have over 500 hours of study in the Bowenwork Technique and over 30 years of compined practice.