Empowering Exercises for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

Empowering Exercises for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

According to the American Cancer Society, research strongly suggests exercise is beneficial during cancer treatment and recovery, although you may need to slow down your approach a bit when it comes to integrating moderate exercise into your daily routine. And unless you are experiencing low red blood cell counts or other limiting factors, the main goal is to stay as active as possible and gradually increase your level of activity over time.  The exercises offered below are gentle and balancing, but please do check with your doctor before you begin.

Modified Plate Balancing Exercise, part of Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method Training, is an easy way to begin relieving stress held in the chest and upper body and open up the underarm area of the lymphatic system to help restore energy and blood flow. Try it: Imagine you are holding a plate on the palm of your hand and move your arm in a figure eight pattern without dropping your imaginary plate. For the modified version, perform the exercise slowly, rotating your arms just at elbow level, omitting the over the head part of the usual version to avoid straining your chest muscles. Rotate from your waist at the same time; exploring the edges of what your body can tolerate. Don’t strain. Focus on your breathing and slowly practice the rotational movement for short intervals, gradually and gently increasing the range of motion over time.

Brain Wave Vibration Exercise, another Solar Body exercise, helps to quiet thoughts and emotions and will help you focus and draw energy downward into the core of your body. Try this with percussive music to intensify the effects: From a seated position, simply straighten your back and relax your arms and shoulders, allowing your focus to drop lower into your abdomen.  Make loose fists and begin gently, rhythmically tapping the area known as the Dahn Jon, about two inches below your navel. When it feels right, begin moving your head, and your body. Keep going for several minutes, and then slowly come to a stop. You can see a video of how to do this and plate balancing exercise at www.SolarBodyMethod.com.

Chest Breathing Exercise is a powerful weapon to use against built up emotions and stress in your chest. Controlled breathing coupled with visualization melts unwanted energy and draws out toxic, hot energy.  From a seated position, either in a half lotus posture or on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, place your hands on your knees palms facing up and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, slowly expanding and filling your chest. Now, exhale slowly out through your mouth as you imagine stagnant energy leaving your body with the breath. On the next inhalation, focus on completely relaxing your neck, shoulders and upper body and then exhale a big “Ahhhhhh" sighing sound from deep within your chest. Repeat 20 times.  

Don’t forget to say “I love you!” Your body’s cells respond to every thought and word you produce so by consciously producing positive, loving thoughts, you strengthen your brain and body and encourage your powerful natural healing forces from within. This one is so easy and can be done wherever you are seated; simply close your eyes and relax. Focus on your intention to create a sense of love and peace within as you place your palms on your heart and take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Feel the developing sensation of relaxing warmth and bring a gentle smile to your face. Now, lovingly speak to your entire essence and sincerely say, “I love you.” Repeat and bask in the feeling of wellbeing you have just created within.

For more empowering exercises, visit your nearest Body and Brain center this month where the national HEALTHIER TOGETHER workshop campaign, “Breast Cancer Awareness: Release Old Stress, Create New Life" is currently underway.