What is Yoga Therapy, anyways?

Yoga Therapy is not just a private or small Yoga class. It is a specialized session that uses familiar Yoga practices (breathing techniques, movement, postures, relaxation and meditation) and some unfamiliar processes (a specialized series of maneuvers or an advanced breathing or meditation technique) to address physical and emotional health.

Whether you are dealing with an achy low back, injured shoulder, arthritis, anxiety, a Traumatic Brain Injury, postural imbalances, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, SI joint dysfunction, IBS or grief, Yoga Therapy can help. A Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) is trained to help you identify and work with whatever injuries, symptoms or issues are interfering with the joy and ease of your life.

A typical private Yoga Therapy session begins with the client filling out a detailed intake form that lists health history and personal impressions of what is happening in life and body. The Therapist then works with the client to identify issues and goals that can be used as the foundation of their work together. Unlike the dynamics in a large group Yoga class, the private setting allows discussion, individual instruction and exploration to find the best postures and practices to help clients meet their goals. It is most effective to take several private sessions (I suggest at least four) to fine-tune the practice and begin to feel results.

Our therapeutic group classes are small enough to allow a good degree of individual interaction and personal attention. It is impossible in large, general group classes for the instructor to really see all the participants and spend enough time and attention to create a truly personal experience on the mat. In our classes, your trained and experienced Yoga Therapist is able to bring the that personal touch and attention to each student.