Nutrition and Brain Power - EAT WELL TO BE WELL

Welcome to part two of a 3-part blog series on the impact of exercise, nutrition, and meditation just on NEUROLOGICAL FUNCTION alone (of course we all know about the great all-over-body benefits, but for now let’s just focus on brainpower!)

The human brain may only weigh in at about 3 pounds but it’s possibly the hungriest organ in your body, utilizing about 20% of your daily intake of carbs, proteins, and fats to create energy, brain chemicals, and brain cells (respectively.)

Although most people choose foods for taste, convenience, or their waistline, choosing foods for brain power may be even more important because the nutrients your brain needs really aren’t very bioavailable from any bottle.

But don’t worry, incorporating “brain foods” into your diet is easy…just keep these 6 rules in mind:

1. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits, the more colorful the better (just remember to “eat a rainbow” every day!)
2. Eat plenty of herbs and spices…not only do they spice up your food , many spices have valuable medicinal value
3. Choose wild caught salmon and grass-fed, free-range meat
4. Use coconut oil as often as possible
5. Eat seeds and raw nuts
6. Eat dark chocolate (where have you heard THAT before??? Check out my blog “ARE YOU IN THE DARK ABOUT CHOCOLATE?” for more info on choosing healthy brands!)


For more info on eating the right foods improve memory, focus, and mood check outBrain Food: Eating for Brain Health” by Deane Alban

( is a fantastic source of information about maintaining and improving cognitive and mental health based on the best available scientific research!)


Written by Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC
HCC Lifestyle Cooach