How To Decrease Risk Of Cancer With One Mineral

How To Decrease Risk Of Cancer With One Mineral

There’s one mineral that can cut your cancer risk. If you’re not getting enough of it, your risk increases 33%. And the risk of dying from cancer goes up 45%. Being deficient in this mineral makes you more susceptible to colorectal, prostate, lung, bladder, skin, esophageal and gastric cancers.

If you were to guess the mineral, it’s not zine, calcium, magnesium, or iron. Although these minerals are beneficial to your health, just not as effective to decreasing risk of cancer. This cancer decreasing mineral is called selenium.This mineral is an antioxidant that repairs DNA and keeps your cells healthy. It also keeps your endocrine and immune system amazingly strong. With enough selenium, it will protect you from cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and thyroid disease.

The people that have low quantities of selenium are 5 to 10 times more likely to develop liver cancer. The FDA recommends 55 micrograms of selenium per day. But a person should not take more than 200 mcg at most. Vitamin E also helps to absorb selenium if needed.

Heres 6 best foods to eat that have a great source of selenium:

Brazil Nuts  (1 ounce serving (6 kernels))

Tuna (3 ounces)

Halibut (3 ounces)

Salmon (3 ounces)

Chicken (light-meat, cooked, roasted) (3 ounces)

Sunflowers seed kernels (dried) (1/4 cup)