Digestive Wellness : How IBS and Candida are related and what you need to know

Digestive Wellness : How IBS and Candida are related and what you need to know

What is Digestive Wellness?

Digestive Issues may be the most common illness of the modern world. My troubles with digestive issues began in High School, or rather my attentiveness to them began. Looking back on the way I ate as a child, my stress and anxiety triggers along with my long term use of antibiotics I realize they did a number on my gut health. I would not be surprised if my digestive issues began long before my realization of them did.


Like for many, my digestive issues began slow and mostly appeared as questions regarding my bowel movements, bloating, and general discomfort. I began to numb the pain and write off the discomfort. I accepted my poor digestion as a normality for my body and design.


I couldn’t have been more wrong,


The small signs and big problems
Ignoring the small signs was what lead to the larger issues down the line, as I know now. What may seem like small digestive issues can lead to a spur of other negative ailments: Candida, SIBO, Leaky gut, depression, Brain Fog, Anxiety, hormonal issues and adrenal problems ( just to name a few that is). My ignorance of digestive wellness and overuse of antibiotics for acne began my journey to premium digestive wellness today.


As I progress on my journey and learn more about the microbiome and digestion I’ve discovered that digestive wellness after a severe complication of the gut circles back to balance. The more I realize this, the more I push for gut health education, preventative measures such as cleanses and help heal those who have found themselves wrapped up in the balancing act of the microbiome.


Find Balance

Balance is key and it makes perfect sense. Your digestion is dependent on the healthy balance of the bacteria living and thriving in your gut. Your gut works as a breeding ground for many types of bacteria. These microbes have the ability to completely alter your gut health community in 24 hours. When I say alter I mean change the ratio of microbes. You need to be sure the healthy bacteria outweighs the bad. Sounds like a lot of work? It is and it isn’t. For the average person, this ratio stays maintained. When a person is influenced by antibiotics, yeast and sugar in the diet, chronic inflammation and stress we start to see a problem, as the gut is highly influenced by these factors. The problem is, this sounds like the modern human species as we know it. Diets high in carbs, sugar, and yeast mixed with stressful work and environments? This is the formula for poor digestion.


How Do you heal?

So, to keep the ratio of “good” bacteria to “bad” at healthy levels is a lifelong journey in our modern world. If you’re starting from a place of discomfort and digestive disease you will require a daily effort and attentiveness to the needs of your gut.


I don’t want to make this sound like those, such as myself, with severe complications and ailments are too far gone. That is simply not the case. I also don’t wish to make it seem that those with functioning and healthy guts aren’t at risk.


The truth is the environment, prescription medication, sugar, wheat, raising food intolerances, food additives, lack of fermented foods, and the average American diet puts us all in risk for debilitating gut health.


So what do you need to know?

You must know that  digestive ailments are on the rise


How to Heal


  1. Preventative measures for gut wellness
  2. Candida, IBS and Other ailments: Direct Healing Plans and Methods


You must know that digestion wellness occurs in a sort of cascade effect for many. Healing many digestive ailments puts you at risk for others. Antibiotics and restrictive eating (like candida diet and IBS) can be dangerous factors for your gut if not administered properly or properly researched.


The key is balance and patience.


If you are healing a gut ailment only to find you have another do not be discouraged and know you are not alone. I healed my candida, rapidly and effectively, only to find out I had a parasite, IBS and I am on the lookout for SIBO testing and colonoscopy as well.


Start to shift your perspective and think of digestive wellness as a journey and not a destination. Healing is a cascade of events, efforts, and work. The key is to have patience and know that with every action sep you are making steps in the right direction.


Maintaining Gut Health
Maintaining your gut health, for most will be a lifelong process. The key is to create a vibrant and thriving life while you heal. There are many remedies to this healing path such as herbal antifungals, antibiotics, meal plans, elimination diets, and cleanses. 

Warning Signs


  • Digestive Disease


  • Hormonal Imbalances


  • Tiredness


  • Bloating


  • Abnormal Bowel movements



There are many action steps you can take daily you heal. Start by eating a plant-based whole food diet, adapting stress relief tactics into your routine, and generally bringing mindfulness and attentiveness to your health. Don’t know where to start? I offer a variety of plans to help you on your journey. If I leave you're with something let it be this:  Know that if something doesn’t feel right, it most likely is a sign. Listen. Listen to your body always.