SIBO and Candida: How they are Related?

SIBO and Candida: How they are Related?

Could digestive ailments like candida and SIBO be related?

I most certainly think so. Here’s why.

We already know the correlations between digestive wellness patterns and emotional health. Not sure? Check out that blog posts here.

We also know the digestive wellness and the Microbiome communities in our bodies, in general, are correlated to general health.

So what about digestive ailments being correlated to other digestive ailments? 

Let’s take for example candida and SIBO. 

Often when healing candida we do this practice known as starving the gut bacteria(through diet and lifestyle changes).

Many people when healing lack an understanding of how digestion truly works. When analyzing these conditions we know quite a few things.

Healing candida improperly can cause an overly depleted gut microbiome similar to if you were taking an antibiotic
When I say “improperly” healing the candida overgrowth I am relating this to a common practice in even naturopathic offices-that is the suggestion of not taking a probiotic entirely or totally irradicating the gut bacteria through very harsh herbals or antibiotics.

This was suggested to me when healing candida and also my SIBO. I couldn’t disagree more.

2. What we also know is that when we irradicate the gut bacteria or starve it out improperly the surviving communities will do its best to survive. Therefore, they will move to another area of your body to thrive (parasitic by nature). Sound familiar? Candida can cause gut bacteria to travel to the small intestine-AKA SIBO( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

See, candida is simply an overgrowth of a bacteria and should never be fully terminated. How do you prevent that? By using complementary herbs and taking a probiotic to help with the input of healthy bacteria that help maintain balance in the gut( it’s sort of it’s job)

This is why many people who had candida fall into SIBO remission-Because they eliminated the gut’s healthy bacteria and made it impossible for good-and bad- bacteria to survive.

In my case- and if you have a similar history of antibiotics- the damage has already been done in terms of bacteria traveling (SIBO) and most likely before you gained your candida. So how can you manage both candida and SIBO? Heal one without irritating the other? Learn more about this in my consultations.

Other Immediate Action You Can Take Today

Get testing done for both SIBO and Candida. Gain clarity on what you are truly going through.
2. Healing candida with the balanced structure in mind-Repopulating with the right probiotics can heal the entire digestive Microbiome-candida included.

When we start to think about the Microbiome as a whole and not just individual illnesses we realize a new way for healing and inducing preventative care.