What is the Human Microbiome Project and What does it tell us about our Health?

What is the Human Microbiome Project and What does it tell us about our Health?

What is the Human Microbiome Project and What does it tell us about our Health?
The human Microbiome Project revealed that we are 10 Times more bacteria than we are human cells.  So why aren’t we thinking about ourselves, nourishing ourselves, and even talking about the fact that we are bacteria-centric beings?

An entire ecosystem living inside you 
When we describe ourselves as bacteria the way we eat and live can radically change. When I think about health I love to think about things from micro to macro ( and I’m not talking about counting calories here.) We often think about ourselves as the micro and the outer  world  and environment as  the macro. This is what I like to describe as the linear micro-macro ideology. Now imagine we took the same philosophy inward.  I would look at a little bit like this: bacteria-Self- Outer world. The reality is we host entire ecosystems within our bodies and pay very little attention to this when healing and thinking about our health.

If you had a bug infection in your house would you avoid it, or take care of the issue? Thinking about the microbiome can be applied in the same way. The reality is we need the  good bugs to thrive and we need to balance so we can thrive. We need to create balance and homeostasis is the bacteria environment so we can become stable in our environment.

The Human Body 
The human body is a complex system. The gut microbiome itself in an even more complex system. The human microbiome project has revealed we should be looking at the microbiome/gut more like a universe than and organ or system of the body. I’d like to think about it today as both.

The facts are that your physical and emotional well-being depend on the health of the microbiome community in your gut, on your skin, in your mouth, and etc.  Your emotional intelligence is affected by the microbiome due to the gut-brain axis. So much of our world and health depends on this factor. It impacts so much of our world and self.

The Impacts on Our Gut 
Conversely, the study also revealed that most of us are operating with a depleted microbiome and truly  ill one at that. They revealed that 80 percent of the populous has leaky gut, which if you know anything about gut health is usually a side effect when other gut ailments go untreated. It’s truly the last line of defense for your gut.

Common Ailments 
Gut health and chronic illness are on the rise from IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, Candida, parasites and at best, the microbiome is at war with common toxins in food, the environment and quite honesty our diet.

I talk a lot on this platform about a vegan diet and toxin elimination and cleanses, Your and find those diet recommendations here. We will focus today on more practical implications. I always say though: 80 percent diet 20 percent everything else. SO keep that in mind when reading this.

How to Heal 
Here are some common ways to heal a depleted gut and take preventive measures against gut health microbiome depletion. Here are my top 3: 

Soil Based Probiotics. The holy grail of probiotics.  Why are they different? I really need whole blog post for this but essentially the really great Probiotics are found in the soil. Our ancestors used these probiotics before the supplement industry really took off ( for millions of years. ) This is the original source of probiotics and should not be overlooked. Find them here.(Use Code HTL10 at checkout for 10 percent off!)  Why soil based? Keep mind we do not grow or eat food as we used to.Due to toxins and pesticides on farm finding these microbes on your food today in the quantity you need is highly unlikely.
STOP over-washing your food.  Dirt doesn’t hurt!! I’m not saying to consume GMO Produce with tons of dirt, but try to refrain from over washing !Do keep in mind ecoli can live on produce so  in general  some washing is always advised.( those probiotics  do help kill the ecoli I might add though!
Treat your body like a complex ecosystem.Think micro to macro.  Healing and balancing the gut microbiome helps the  (healthy!) microbes as much as it helps you.  Health starts in the gut!