CBD Oil & Structural Chiropractic

CBD Oil & Structural Chiropractic

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CBD Oil & Structural Chiropractic

Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Furthermore, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. Statistics show that back pain is responsible for over 264 million lost workdays in a year in America.

Traditional Chiropractic has been an alternative way to help individuals relieve their back pain. Gross manipulation of the spine can also help someone suffering from muscle spasms and improve their range of motion. 

But as we learned in this previous article, traditional chiropractic methods are just a temporary fix. In summary, would you keep patching the cracks in your drywall over and over again? Or would you fix the weak foundation?

how strong is your foundation

How Strong is Your Foundation?

Fixing the primary condition is what matters, which is why we always recommend finding a Structural Chiropractor near you. A professional that is going to objectively look at your spine and correct it structurally by focusing on fixing the most prominent bone in the spine, the Atlas.

Structural Chiropractic can be a great way to improve your function and reduce or resolve secondary complaints (symptoms). But, there can be another form of natural care that can assist: Cannabidiol or better known as CBD.


What is CBD Oil?

Discovered in 1940, CBD is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids in the hemp plant. In 2018, clinical research on CBD included studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive. Meaning, CBD won’t get you high. Make sure you buy a third-party tested CBD oil as some manufacturers are not testing and selling products with traces of THC in them. This negligence to save a few dollars could cost you your job if you test positive at your work sight.


How Does It Relieve My Pain?

NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers by obstructing your body’s ability to protect itself from gastric acids. This could why people are looking for alternative forms of pain relief: one being CBD oil. But how does it really work?

peptic ulcer from NSAIDs

Studies have shown CBD interacting with the receptors in the brain and relieving pain in the process. As an added bonus, CBD works with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a biological system responsible for maintaining the normal functions of your body to keep it healthy. 

Recent research has shown that CBD binds to the body’s cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 and improves their overall functionality. CB1 receptors focus on the brain and the nerve system, while CB2 serves as a primary component in various body systems, such as cardiovascular, immune, and muscular.

CBD may also indirectly treat insomnia or those suffering from a lack of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, chronic pain, including low back pain, can be the cause of insomnia for some people.

CBD oil is relatively safe when it is third-party tested to confirm the accurate concentration of the CBD. If you choose to buy yours online, please keep in mind that the prices will be lower but that can mainly due to these companies lowering their overhead costs by not performing important lab testing. Even after lab verifications, there can be potential side effects which may include tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite. CBD oil can also disrupt some medications so please, consult your primary care physician before starting any CBD supplementation.


Is Third-Party Lab Verified Worth the Extra Money?

In Florida, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 allows doctors to use low-THC cannabis for patients. The bill states the product must contain less than 0.8 percent of THC and a minimum of 10 percent of the CBD. This is why it is crucial to purchase CBD oil from reliable places that perform these rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality.

Here at Spinal Correction Centers, we ONLY have 100% certified-organic, non-GMO hemp-derived and third-party tested and lab-verified CBD. Our products come in oils, tinctures, cream, and edibles, giving you several options to choose from. Deciding which one is suitable will depend on your secondary condition(s) and what our doctors decide is best.

Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate CBD, the daily dosage is open to interpretation. The FDA has approved the compound for seizures and epilepsy. Keep in mind, however, that experts do not recommend using CBD oil on children and pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding.

Whether you need to buy a high-quality CBD product or have questions regarding the potential benefits, we offer complimentary consultations with our doctors to make that determination.

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