Even more proof that Mother (Nature) really does know best!

Many of the nation’s top docs now take the perspective that if you boil all major diseases down to their absolute essence they all look exactly alike because they all begin with inflammation.

Indeed mainstream medicine has acknowledged for quite some time that Cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes are all caused by chronic systemic inflammation but now even less likely candidates like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and high cholesterol seem to be most closely related to that underlying condition as well.

It’s also now considered common knowledge that there are three simple healthy lifestyle modifications anyone can easily make to lower inflammation:

- Eat an anti-inflammatory diet that especially emphasizes vegetables and fruits and eliminates (or at least limits) refined carbs and sugar
- Get regular, consistent exercise
- And schedule time for relaxation

(Hmmmmmmmm…sounds familiar…haven’t you heard me say like a million times that anyone can get SUPER healthy by taking this particular 3-pronged approach???)

But I digress. What I want to focus on today is a new study published in the scientific journal Nutrients which confirms Juice Plus+® supports a healthy inflammatory response.

The randomized, double-blind clinical trial followed 56 overweight people over the age of 40. For eight weeks, half of the participants took Juice Plus+ ® Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard blends, while the other half took placebo capsules. By the end of the study researchers found:

- Juice Plus+ ® significantly decreased two key biomarkers of inflammation: C-reactive protein (CRP) and TNF-alpha.
- Juice Plus+® helped maintain cholesterol levels already within a healthy range.
- Juice Plus+® improved body composition by increasing lean body mass.
- Juice Plus+"' supported healthy gene expression.

And here’s (in my opinion) the most interesting outcome of all:
- Participants with the highest inflammation levels at the beginning of the study reaped the biggest benefits (in other words, the unhealthiest folks of all improved the most even without throwing ANY additional healthy behaviors into the mix!)

And this was actually the FOURTH published study to date showing Juice Plus+® supports a healthy inflammatory response but it’s even more important for you to note that Juice Plus+® has now been the focus of MORE THAN TWENTY prestigious medical and scientific journal studies.


In layman’s terms Juice Plus+® is 29 dehydrated veggies and fruits (in other words, whole food powders) and each daily dose fits neatly into 6 capsules. JUICE PLUS+® IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE SO BEWARE OF IMITATORS…no synthetic supplement on the market today can even compare to actual food. And remember that synthetic vitamins can even be dangerous (it’s easy to overdose on synthetic Vitamin A but you can’t possibly eat enough carrots to damage your liver!)

Still want more proof that Juice Plus+® is possibly the perfect safety net when you’re trying your best to eat right? Both my daughter I have been taking Juice Plus+® for over 20 years and we’ve each only required an antibiotic ONCE that entire time!

The bottom line is that inflammation (and therefore ALL disease) feed on junk food, sedentary lifestyle, and stress so there’s just no getting around the fact that you’ve got to move well, eat well, and RELAX in order to get and stay healthy. And although I’m sure you’ve heard me say that like a million times before too if it still sounds like Greek just click here for my entire roster of Fall classes (AND CLICK HERE TO ORDER JUICE PLUS+®)

Oh and one more thing: parents your children may even qualify for FREE Juice Plus+®… click here for info on the Children’s Health Study today!


Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC
HCC Lifestyle Coach