Crown Chakra Crystals

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is all about higher consciousness, spiritual evolution, dissolution of karma, and soul purpose. When the crown chakra is balanced, one experiences a heightened connection with the divine; emotions such as bliss and ecstasy; detachment from ego and egoic concerns; and a sense of spiritual unity with “all that is.” When the crown chakra is imbalanced, it may cause spaciness and/or detachment from one’s body; a poor connection to the divine; a lack of faith (or contrarily, an obsession with spirituality); hubris; and close-mindedness.

One way to balance the crown chakra is by using high-vibration crystals and stones. The crown chakra is associated with the colors white, clear, gold, and deep purple. Many brow chakra stones are also crown chakra stones, so some of those that I covered in my last post are multi-purpose, including amethyst and chevron amethyst, arfvedsonite, azurite and K2 stone, dumortierite, and sugilite. Generally speaking, though, most white and clear crystals will work with the crown chakra. This is just a sampling of crystals and stones that will work, so please continue to use your favorite if you’re so guided. The crystals and stones mentioned here also have many more metaphysical attributes; I’ve focused on the specific crown chakra uses.

APOPHYLLITE: Apophyllite is the “dreamer’s stone,” inspiring spiritual awakening during dreamtime as well as the understanding of “all that is.” Apophyllite assists one in connecting to higher realms and ushers in high-vibration light energy. Apophyllite brings understanding of the underlying cause of one’s issues, allowing one to use the newfound clarity to make changes for one’s highest good. Apophyllite is calming, soothing, and inspiring.

Green apophyllite, in addition to the above, enables one to open one’s heart, filtering out harmful energy and allowing for happiness, peace, and love to come in.

CACOXENITE: Cacoxenite is a secondary mineral that frequently occurs with amethyst or quartz. A stone of spiritual ascension, cacoxenite repairs the lightbody and auric field while enabling one to integrate new spiritual information. Cacoxenite eggs are useful for performing distance attunements and activations. Cacoxenite inspires change, insisting that one’s life be of the highest authenticity; in so doing, it inspires one to follow one’s true life purpose.

Cacoxenite with quartz works as a wonderful manifestation tool. When occurring with amethyst, cacoxenite spurs innovative ideas and creations. Cacoxenite with amethyst will hold both the properties of cacoxenite and the properties of amethyst, making it particularly helpful for the upper chakras (see my earlier post about the brow chakra if you’re interested in reading more about amethyst).

CHAROITE: Charoite is a rare mineral from Russia that helps us to shed fear-based and egoic thinking, connect to the higher realms, and embody the violet ray of healing to recover from harmful habits, addictions, and behavioral issues. Charoite helps one to see the truth of “all that is,” reducing selfish expression and judgments in favor of generosity and a drive to help humanity. Charoite stimulates psychic phenomena and connects its user to the Akashic Records, to Spirit, and to one’s higher self. Charoite is helpful for connecting with Archangel Michael.

DANBURITE: Danburite is an amazing crystal for connecting to Source energy, for true spiritual understanding, and for enlightenment. Danburite is an effective amplifer for Reiki and other energy work; it also cleanses the aura. Danburite encourages angelic contact, especially through clairaudience, and it motivates progress in one’s spiritual journey. It aids both written and verbal channeling.

Danburite helps one to move past grief, sadness, and anxiety. Danburite is a karmic cleanser that enables one to understand past patterns and shed them in favor of future progress. Danburite is highly energizing and activating for some, so take care while sleeping (except for yellow danburite, which is said to inspire lucid dreaming).

HERKIMER DIAMONDS: Found only in Herkimer, New York, herkimer diamonds are a type of water-clear double-terminated clear quartz. Herkimer diamonds are crystals of manifestation that encourage contact with Spirit (especially elemental realms), increase clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, and heighten awareness of one’s gifts and purpose.

Tremendous for self-esteem, herkimer diamonds inspire one to accept one’s gifts and share them with the world. Herkimer diamonds are highly protective, particularly when paired with grounding stones such as smoky quartz or hematite; this effect is due in large part to the amplification properties of Herkimer diamonds.

OPTICAL CALCITE: Optical calcite is a stone of facilitation, easing angelic communication, distance energy work, and self-actualization. Optical calcite amplifies intentions while softening any ego-based thinking, enabling one to focus on the highest good for all. Optical calcite cleanses the auric field, balances all chakras, and assists one in the discernment of spiritual knowledge and in the integration of such. Optical calcite clears energy blocks and removes fear-based thinking, encouraging personal and spiritual growth. Optical calcite is a particularly powerful study aid, stimulating clarity and understanding.

SELENITE: Selenite, mineralogical name gypsum, is a potent energetic cleanser that aids in clearing, balancing, and aligning one’s entire energy system. Named for the Greek moon goddess Selene, selenite cleanses other crystals and naturally purifies the entire area where the selenite is kept.* A grid made of selenite within the home is particularly beneficial for peace, happiness, and protection from harmful energy.

Selenite stimulates the desire for higher consciousness by transforming pessimism into optimism, fear into hope, and pain into healing. Selenite assists in Reiki and other energy work modalities, removing harmful and discordant energy while inspiring healing and the integration of new light codes.

*Many insist that selenite does not need energetic cleansing itself. In my experience, although cleansing may not be strictly necessary, selenite can always benefit from some extra TLC. Cleansing is needed more frequently if you’re using your selenite for energy healing or for the cleansing of particularly dense energy.

Take care with selenite around water. The polish of some selenite will deteriorate, and the selenite itself can degrade over time when exposed to water, particularly salt water or chemical-laden water. If you do wish to rinse selenite in water for any reason, make sure that the water you use is clean and filtered to avoid degradation of the selenite. My personal recommendation is to cleanse selenite using a method other than water.

**Note: Information is intuitive in nature and should not be relied on in place of medical or psychological treatment. Crystals and stones are a complementary therapy designed to be used in concert with your existing medical plan; I do not recommend the use of crystals and stones in place of traditional medical and/or psychological care.