Be. Do. Have.

It is officially February! As an enthusiastic health advocate I want to ask you how you are doing with your New Year intentions.


Whether you set specific resolutions or not the New Year is a beautiful time to reflect on your life, evaluate what is working and what could use improvement, and then set intentions for how your life will unfold going forward.


This past New Year felt especially powerful and meaningful to me. 2018 was a year of major changes, major challenges and major triumphs. Establishing myself in my career demanded greater and greater versions of myself and taught me many important life lessons.  This New Year I really took the time to envision my ideal life and then set specific goals that will help me to manifest these dreams.

What did you commit to in 2019? What did you envision for yourself this year? Did you set your sights on greater health? Maybe you adopted new eating habits or took on a different workout routine.  Were you determined to further your career? Whether you are working to grow your business or want to earn a promotion there are action steps that must be taken in order to achieve this result. Maybe your commitment was to stress less and enjoy life more. Do more of what makes your soul happy and spend less time worrying about the things you can’t control. Well, what does that look like? Have you been journaling? Meditating? Doing yoga? Speaking from the heart? Hugging your loved ones more often?

No matter what your intentions are for your life, I want to encourage you to RECOMMIT to them and to yourself in this moment.

Take just a few moments to honestly assess how January went for you. Take some deep breathes, release any self-judgment or criticism, and reflect. 

Maybe write down 3-5 things that you could improve. Allow this to be constructive criticism, not berating yourself for slipping up. Then make sure you balance that list with an equal amount of things that you are PROUD of yourself for.  Big or small, both deserve acknowledgment and celebration.  Then if you feel like sharing, let me know what you discover! 

Now just one VERY important tip for anyone looking to improve their life...

It is not about WHAT YOU DO… it’s about WHO YOU BE. You are a human BEing, and that core essence of you is what truly matters. No matter how much massive action you take day after day, if who you are being does not match and support your goals then you will not succeed. And if you do succeed it will be fleeting.

For example, as a chiropractor there are many qualities I must portray in order to gain and keep my practice members. One of those qualities is trustworthiness.  No one would go see a chiropractor that they didn’t trust. So, the question becomes, am I always being a trustworthy person? Inside and outside of the office. Is trustworthiness part of the core essence of who I am? Am I actually BEING trustworthy rather than simply acting like it? And the answer is yes.  People come to see me and they trust me because I AM a trustworthy person. If, however, I was not trustworthy, then no matter what MASSIVE action I took and no matter how tirelessly I worked I would not be able to achieve my goals because who I am BEing is not a vibrational match for what I am trying to create.

So the key is this, start with BEING. Who you are trumps what you do. If you want to achieve success begin by embodying the qualities that the successful version of you has. BE the type of person who would succeed, then DO the things you need to do, then HAVE the success. If you keep waiting to have the success before you become the type of person who succeeds it will never come.

Be. Do. Have.

Let’s make February and the rest of 2019 incredible as we embody the best versions of ourselves