Repel Ticks & Help Heal Lyme

Repel Ticks & Help Heal Lyme

It's getting to be that season again here in Wisconsin. As much as we love being out in the woods and fields, we want to be aware that ticks are out there as well. There are some wonderful Essential Oils that can help you deter insects, even ticks, naturally.

You can make simple spray solutions in glass bottles that are easy to carry with you on your treks through nature. The oils are very powerful so a little goes a long way.

The article below goes into more detail, but our favorites are clove and cedarwood.

We have used these for years with excellent results.


If you do find a tick, our first go to is Oregano Oil to kill any bacteria. The oil will penetrate the skin as well as killing surface bacteria.

If you have already contracted Lyme's Disease, there are so many beautiful oils that can help you deal with symptoms and even heal your body. I recommend doing an Essential Oil Scan with me so we can check in with your body and see what it would like.

So please do enjoy the glorious nature where you live without fear.


All the best ~