Do You Have Permission to Heal and be Healthy?

Do You Have Permission to Heal and be Healthy?

Have you ever wondered why no matter what you do, no matter how many doctors and health care professionals you see, you can’t heal, get better or recover the way that you would like to?

We’re all unique and it’s possible you haven’t found the right tools or solutions yet for your specific needs.

However, it could be something else. You may not have permission to heal. You may not have permission to be healthy. How is that possible? On a conscious day-to-day level of course, you want to have better health. But on a deeper, subconscious level there may be restrictions that prevent healing. You can think of them as bugs in the software that runs your body, or instructions in your body’s user manual that don’t support your health.

Lack of permission can take many forms.

Some people benefit from being unwell. They may get more attention and care from family members. Being sick may allow them to avoid facing responsibility, or even their potential in life. A deep association between sickness and being nurtured, often created in childhood, can prevent full healing and recovery. As a result, they may not have permission to be well.

If you’re a workaholic or just have a strong work ethic, do you have permission to put your health ahead of work?

There are plenty of overwhelmed moms out there. Do they have permission to take a break from time to time and relax?

Lack of permission to heal is like a giant road block or stop sign on your journey to better health.

I checked in with myself and found that I don’t have permission to be healthier than some people in my immediate family. These blocks rarely make sense.

Consider a few statements that came up in recent client sessions:

  •  I give myself permission to be truly healthy and vibrant
  • I give myself permission to rest when I need to 
  • My spirit gives me permission to thrive

Imagine how not having these might get in the way of recovery, or even everyday health. For some people this could create an uphill battle. You could be doing all the right things: eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and more, but part of your story is that there’s an overriding rule in the way of the health you desire.

This is good news. Giving yourself permission to heal and experience good health may be one of the missing pieces to your recovery. Finding the details and allowing permission may help clear the way for more progress towards your health and wellness goals.

Take a minute, close your eyes and check in with yourself. Ask, Do I have permission to be well? Take a few deep breaths and see what comes to the surface. If not, ask why not. Hear the important things your body has to say.