What is Hydrogenesis?

As a human Be-ing, we are 60-90% water at any given time.  Our bodies formed in water and are naturally supported by a water medium.  

Mindful Awareness is different from awareness.  Dr Daniel Siegel uses an acronym COAL to describe it as paying attention to the moment with curiosity, openeness, acceptance, and love. Stress and Curiosity can not exist in the same moment.

Through Mindful Awareness exercises and practices Hydrogenesis clinicians prepare the body to become curious, open, accepting, loving, and kind.  Compassion toward self and empathy toward others is cultivated.  This practice is then taken to the warm water of a pool, hot springs, or ocean to allow the bodies fluids, frequencies, and fields to come into alignment and be allowed to express and release.

New insight and clarity into one’s self and circumstances is achieved.  

Pain, stress, and tension is released. 

Gravity loosens its hold, noise melts away and the body relaxes into itself as it is fully supported in the water at all times by skilled clinicians.  One emerges feeling different, more flexible, refreshed, and often with a sense of renewal.

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