Pain: It’s time to pay attention!

Pain: It’s time to pay attention!

You can’t turn on the Television, pick up a magazine, or even fill gas in your car without coming across an advertisement for pain relief. We are surrounded by medications to help with different types of pain. Before you go, I am not going to tell you to suffer and not use these medications. Instead, I am going to urge you to look deeper at the pain. Why is the pain there in the first place? 

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and if we just ignore the pain or cover it up we are not really paying attention to our body. Some pain can come from misalignment or overuse injuries. Sometimes the pain is from disease and other times it is a wake-up call. 

Is it time for you to slow down? Is it time for you to look at how you are living your life? Are you choosing consciously? What does your pain tell you? 

This past month, I have been going at a fast pace, there were things going on in my life that were temporary but that took a lot of time and effort. Instead of acknowledging that I can’t do it all at the same time and slowing down other parts of my life, I tried to keep it all going at the same pace. I kept doing everything at the same intensity as I have always done it and that was a mistake for me. On the positive note, I learned not to take on anything new and have learned to draw that boundary. 

I know that the Universe gives us messages all the time if we are paying attention.

My message was to slow down and I had to get it twice! I fell twice, and both times were in the middle of busyness. Thankfully, there were no major injuries, I had to give my body time to recover and go to my wonderful chiropractor to help with the physical pain. These falls forced me to slow down because I wasn’t listening to the messages that I was receiving which were that I needed to go at a different pace. I needed to go back to what I teach my clients to pay attention, live consciously and slow down.

It’s true that we coach clients or teach others what we need to learn. 

I am going to share my message with you, “It’s time to slow down.” If you are experiencing some physical pain, look at the origin, is your body trying to tell you something? What changes or change are you willing to make based on what you see? 

On the other hand, is your pain supporting your desire not to do something? Is there something that you feel like you should do or have to do and the pain is the reason you can’t?

Or is there something that will move you forward that are you are afraid to do, and your pain is protecting you from taking action? 

If you aren’t sure what your pain is telling you, then I am going to suggest the following: 

  • Write out your pain. Get a piece of paper or your journal and describe your pain. What does it feel like, and when did it start? What relieves your pain?
  • Then answer this question: “What does my pain prevent me from doing? or what does it force me to do?”
  • Next answer “What if anything would I get to/have to do if I didn’t have this pain?”
  • What is my pain telling me?
  • What am I willing to do, not do, or do differently?

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