Colon Hydrotherapy: The Alternative Choice for Colonoscopy Preparation

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Alternative Choice for Colonoscopy Preparation

Like most people, we at Constance Jones – Colon Hydrotherapy know that every adult over 50 should get a colonoscopy, also known as a colon cancer screening test. Gastroenterologists suggest that we are more prone to colon issues as we age and recommend this as an effective diagnostic procedure. Besides early detection of diseases, a colonoscopy can be used preventatively, with the ability of the performing doctor to remove polyps right on the spot.

Traditionally, those getting this type of screening would have to fast for 24 hours, and drink a gallon of liquid laxatives the night before going into the clinic. However, some folks are not able to stomach the laxatives or complain of a sleepless night due to frequent visits to the bathroom. In addition, employees going in for a screening often have to lose a day of work to prepare.

Fortunately, there is now a complementary method to prepare for a colonoscopy, and that method is colon hydrotherapy. Please see the attached video with groundbreaking news about its use from Danbury Hospital where this colonoscopy prep has been recommended and performed for a few years now.

This procedure involves gentle infusions of warm water into the rectum and large intestine that’s meant to irrigate and clean these areas. The procedure is performed in a soothing environment by a trained practitioner. Colon hydrotherapy has been shown to be just as effective as the traditional methods of preparation, and has the added benefit of being minimally invasive. It can also be used in addition to the prescribed prep as a way to be more thorough and avoid the all-night bathroom visits.

A practitioner of holistic colonic irrigation since 1980, there is no one in Connecticut that’s better at performing this procedure than Constance Jones. Using a special, FDA-registered device, she takes a gentle, nurturing approach to the work, consistently working with great care and compassion. To learn more about colon hydrotherapy or to schedule an appointment now text or call (860) 287-4558.