What Happens During a Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

When you arrive at my office you will see that it’s very welcoming, calm and comforting. Initially, we will review your intake forms and I will explain the process to you. You will then be given a gown and asked to disrobe from the waist down in preparation for your colon hydrotherapy session. I will suggest a trip to the restroom to empty your bladder.

For the procedure, you recline, covered by a sheet, on a padded massage table. Your privacy, throughout the session, is a priority. At the foot of the table is a wall unit containing the hydrotherapy equipment. A disposable speculum 3/4-inch in diameter (narrower than a healthy bowel movement!) is partially inserted with a lubricated round-tipped applicator approximately 2-3 inches into the rectum. Two tubes extend from the outer portion of the speculum into the wall unit: the inflow carries water to slowly infuse your colon and the outflow gently expels that water along with the waste it loosens. The temperature of the water fluctuates between 100 – 90 degrees simulating the natural peristalsis. I am always present and closely monitoring the temperature and pressure-sensitive flow of water while paying particular attention to your comfort.

As soon as you are ready I will activate the hydrotherapy equipment and begin to send warm water through the inflow tube into your colon. I am in control of the inflow and outflow of water at all times, allowing me to slow and even stop the procedure if necessary. Once you feel full, I will release the water and waste material, which travel through the outflow tube and into the drainage system. We can observe what is released through a viewing tube. While you are emptying, I may gently jiggle your abdomen to encourage easier, more complete elimination. This cycle of filling and emptying is repeated several times over 40 – 50 minutes.

The session lasts about an hour, leaving time for a trip to the toilet afterward, where gravity will help eliminate any excess water and waste. To ensure safety, the disposable speculum and tubing are thrown away and the instrument is sterilized. People often report feeling emptier and lighter after a session. I will provide you with information about aftercare before you leave. If you’re lucky, my dog Bo, a golden retriever who occasionally visits the office, will be there to provide a peaceful influence.