What You Put in Determines What You Get Out

What You Put in Determines What You Get Out

My husband and I recently moved into a new home in a rural area. Right away I noticed water did not drain properly in the kitchen sink. I bought a bottle of drain cleaner, poured the entire bottle down the drain and let it sit overnight.

In the morning I ran the faucet hoping that whatever was clogging the drain had been dislodged. All seemed well at first. However, after several days the problem returned. I immediately understood that a quick fix was not going to be the appropriate course of action. I needed to determine the underlying cause before attempting to find a solution. It was time to call in professional help. Often, we look for the quick fix to repair symptoms (the clogged drain), and in doing so we ignore addressing the root cause.

When the plumber cleaned our drain, he found a large accumulation of grease, hair and rice in the pipe elbow. It was old gunk, deposited there by the previous homeowners, who likely didn’t realize they were not using the drain properly. The plumber was laughing that I was trying to fix it with a drain cleaner. He cautioned that the only way to avoid clogging the drain was to use the pipes as they were intended, for water only!

Later, I thought about the experience, comparing my kitchen plumbing to the human body. As a Colon Hydrotherapist, many of my clients have tried to fix their clogged “internal plumbing” with laxatives. This does not solve the problem of “clogged pipes” especially if the body is overloaded with foods that are sticky, hard, dry and toxic. Our intestines do not just hold onto these toxic substances, as kitchen pipes do, they also absorb the toxins from what is languishing in our gut.

I felt curious about my clients’ knowledge about food and nutrients. What exactly are they eating: real, whole foods or processed foods? Do they know their body’s capability to absorb and process nutrients? Do they understand that how they handle emotions directly impacts their system of elimination?

My observations helped me understand that working as a Colon Hydrotherapist was only addressing a piece of the problem. Cleansing my clients’ colon was futile if they did not know how to support their digestive system with healthy food. I then decided to become a Certified Health Coach to serve my clients in a more complete and comprehensive manner. Educating people on how to support their health with nutrient dense whole foods is the first line of defense against “clogged pipes.”

During this holiday season I am offering a one hour session of Wellness Coaching for only $50. That’s an incredible 50% off the usual $100 fee!  For more information go to my website Green Shade Wellness. To schedule a session please call or text Olga at 860.817.0508. You can also email me at [email protected] You will be surprised with things you learn when we view your food intake and how it effects your body composition.

It is my pleasure to introduce my new recipe for your healthy digestion:

Beet-Ginger-Lemon Tea

  1. Peel, then shred one small red organic beet.
  2. Put beet’s pieces in a thermos and pour boiled water over it.
  3. Close thermos, and take with you to work or travel. It would stay hot for 24 hours. You should add ginger and lemon to invigorate your digestion. For the best results drink it between your meals or 1-1 ½ hours after, so, you would not dilute your digestive enzymes.