Occupational Wellness – the Path to a Successful Workforce

Occupational Wellness – the Path to a Successful Workforce

Work. Life. Balance.

Wellness affects everything we do in life, especially our work. When we are exercising, eating properly, and managing stresses in our life, our performance increases both at home and on the job. Employees who feel well and have increased energy levels make productive employees who contribute to the work environment, impact the team in positive ways and perform at their highest levels.

So when it comes to wellness, why not encourage your employees to be their best through F3’s corporate wellness program?

Occupational wellness programs offer many benefits for both employees and employers:

Increased productivity. Employees who feel well are employees who produce more. This just makes sense, as we all work more effectively when we have energy and increased stamina. Whether accomplished through routine exercise, diet, improved sleep habits, yoga, or all of the above, wellness is real and so are its benefits in the workplace.

Decreased absenteeism. When employees are exercising and eating right, they have more energy and suffer through less illness. This translates to fewer missed work days as employees are at work, ready to work.
Increased Employee retention. As occupational wellness programs reap the benefits of wellness for the entire workplace, employees are more satisfied with their jobs and their employers. This leads to less turnover and higher employee retention rates. After all, when an employer prioritizes employee wellness, goodwill is established and morale rises, too.

Positive corporate image. As employees see the benefits of an occupational wellness program, they will talk. They will tell their family and friends. In this social media age, they will likely tell hundreds of people through workout posts and more. Just think of the corporate image benefits a wellness program will bring. Encourage the use of a unique hashtag for these posts and watch it grow even more.
Improved applicant pool. As word spreads about the great work environment at a company, more potential employees become interested in going to work there. With more future applicants, the applicant pool improves and employers have a larger group of candidates to draw upon, improving the overall quality of the applicant pool. Reap these benefits by adding a corporate wellness program.

These benefits of a corporate wellness program speak for themselves. In a world full of 21st-century stresses, wellness has changed from a “nice to have” benefit to a “must have” part of the workday. Employers can help support employees’ health and happiness by bringing fitness, nutrition, and bodywork programs into the workplace.

At F3, we believe in the concept of “total wellness.” Unlike traditional corporate outreach programs, which focus specifically on fitness classes in a “one-size-fits-all” model, our corporate wellness plans offer opportunities to dive deeper into nutrition, personal training, and massage therapy, along with the classic fitness classes employees know and love.

The result? Another step along the journey toward total wellness—inside and outside of the office.

So, what does F3 Wellness Connections offer?

Fitness Services. Small group fitness classes, including on-site kettlebell, yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes.

On-site chair massage. Bring a massage experience to your lobby or break room and keep your employees buzzing for weeks.

Nutrition and health workshops or “lunch and learn” sessions. Pick a topic or we will make suggestions. Give added value to your employees while improving their health and wellness.

Curated fitness challenges and contests. Kettlebell challenges, yoga events, weight loss contests. Whatever inspires your workforce, F3 is here to help.

Team-building events. Watch the teamwork and community grow in your office as you experience kettlebell, yoga, or a customized event for your team. From rooftop yoga sessions to kettlebell in the park, think-outside-the-box with F3 and we will help your team make memories while inspiring healthy habits together.

Discounted packages for your employees for use at F3 for personal training, massages, facials, and nutrition. Add a corporate wellness program to your employee benefits package and reap the benefits of employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

Contact F3 Wellness Connections today to get a personalized quote on building a healthier, more engaged workforce. With increased performance levels, brand reputation gains, and improved employee health, this initiative will be a game-changer.