The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Finding the Most Fulfilled You

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Finding the Most Fulfilled You

Wellness is a common buzzword these days. When we hear it, we think of physical fitness and exercise. We might also think of mental health and mental well-being. We often likewise think of diet and nutrition. So, what exactly does wellness include?

In the following “Eight Dimensions of Wellness,” we examine what is encompassed by the term, what is meant by a wellness lifestyle, and what are some ways to achieve total wellness in your own life.


Emotional wellness is critical to living a meaningful, fulfilled life. In general, emotional wellness includes not only generating positive feelings of contentment and happiness but also eliminating negative feelings caused by stress and anxiety. A wellness lifestyle focuses on emotional wellness as a key component.


When seeking to live a life of total wellness, environment plays a critical role. Where you live and work are huge factors as well as the daily stresses you encounter. Does your long daily commute stress you out? Move closer to the office or find different work that is closer to home. Are you looking for a quieter neighborhood? Make it happen. Think about those daily, recurring experiences that hinder your wellness and work to solve those issues.


When it comes to wellness, few things hold us back more than financial stress. When money is tight, it makes everything seem more difficult. To achieve wellness, you must reduce financial pressure, through spending less, earning more, or both. It may sound easier said than done, but most of the time, if we are honest, there are expenses we can cut and money we can save.


Stimulating your brain helps contribute to our wellness as well. Read challenging books on deep subjects, have meaningful conversations with friends on topics that stretch your perceptions, or watch documentaries to learn about new topics. We are curious creatures, and when our intellect is challenged, we feel fulfillment.


Our careers play a central role in our wellness. If you are fulfilled at work, you are already on the road to wellness in your life as a whole. However, when work is boring, unfulfilling, or frustrating, it is extremely difficult to find total wellness. Challenge yourself to shoot for a promotion, find a new position, or start your own business. When you are earning money by doing something you truly love, contentment will follow.


Diet and exercise are crucial to bringing physical wellness to our lives. When we workout and eat the right things, our bodies work correctly. When we sleep and rest adequately to recuperate, we likewise function at our highest levels. While this is one of the first things people think of when they consider “wellness,” physical well-being is often the most neglected. If you plan a wellness lifestyle of physical activity and rest, and then follow that plan, the rest will largely fall into place.


Humans are also social creatures, and we need to meet that need to achieve wellness. For some, this means spending one-on-one time with a friend or significant other. For others, this means hanging out with groups of friends. For still others, it may mean quality family time or all of the above. Whatever it is that fills your social void, make the time to meet that need. If you don’t, loneliness will ensue and wellness will evade you.


Spiritual wellness is also a key dimension to total wellness. While we all have different belief systems and spiritual practices, we have an innate need for spiritual fulfillment. Perhaps it is through a religious faith observance or perhaps it is through meditation, but whatever your path to spiritual fulfillment, be sure to practice it to its fullest. When we do this, we can find contentment as all of these dimensions come together in one cohesive wellness lifestyle.

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