Home Remedies: Coffee Enemas

Home Remedies: Coffee Enemas

American’s love their coffee! In fact, statistics show that 64% of us have at least one cup of the brewed beverage every day. Although we have 21,400 coffee shops, the love affair isn’t limited to Americans. A staggering 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed internationally every year.

Drinking coffee is known to have health benefits such as protecting against Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and Liver Cancer. Did you know that there is another way you can consume coffee that has known health benefits? Coffee enemas, which can be done at home, have been used for thousands of years. Reference to them was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and medical literature in the late !800’s and early !900’s. Over the years they have been shown to combat intestinal and liver issues as well as fight cancer and chemical sensitivities.

Coffee enemas were made popular in the 1950’s by Dr. Max Gerson who established a protocol for healing his cancer patients. The protocol involves many things, including up to 5 coffee enemas a day to help detoxify the body, especially the liver.

Dr. Joshua Axe upholds the benefits of coffee enemas in his writing that they “are known to help flush out bacteria, heavy metals, fungus and yeast (like those responsible for candida symptoms, for example) from the digestive tract, including the liver and colon, while also lowering inflammation — therefore helping people restore bowel function, increase their energy levels and heal from disorders that have caused them trouble for years.”

Not every health practitioner agrees that coffee enemas are helpful. However, we have found enough research to validate their efficacy. We are choosing to focus on the resources that support this home remedy as a tool for possibly increasing your overall well-being.

The University of Minnesota has found that coffee enemas can help with improving gut health by repairing digestive tissue and relieving cramps, bloating, nausea and constipation. You may experience these benefits by doing coffee enemas at home.


You will need:

 - An enema kit, readily available online at places such as Amazon or Optimal Health Network

 - Fresh certified organic coffee beans (not decaffeinated coffee beans) high in palmitate, such as those sold by Optimal Health Network

 - Purified water

 - A small pot

 - A strainer

 - Tangerine essential oil

 - Chlorophyll capsules

 - Non-petroleum based lubricant

 - Sea salt


Follow these directions:

Take 4 to 8 Chlorophyll capsules 30 minutes before the enema, along with another 4 to 8 immediately preceding the enema. The Chlorophyll binds tightly to the toxins and allows them to be expelled rather than reabsorbed by the colon.

Combine 4 cups of filtered, purified water along with 3 to 4 tablespoons of coffee in the pot. Bring to a boil and allow to steep for 10 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes strain the coffee so that all of the grounds are removed.

Add 4 tablespoons of sea salt, if you would like. This helps replace salt removed from your system by the enema.

Cool the coffee by placing it in a bowl and sitting it in a container of cold water. Allow it to cool to just over body temperature. Never use hot coffee in an enema.

Add 3 to 10 drops of Tangerine essential oil to your coffee. This enhances the intestines absorption of the coffee, helps detoxify the liver and decongest the lymph system.

Using 1.5 cups of the cooled coffee, follow the directions on the Enema Kit to perform your enema, holding the coffee in your lower colon for 12 minutes. You may do a series of two enemas. If you do so, hold the coffee in your lower colon for 15 minutes on the second enema.

Coffee enemas can have numerous health benefits not only to your digestive system, but also your entire body. If you’d like more information about this remedy please review the following resources:

10 Incredible Benefits of Coffee Enemas by Katie Young

23 Jolting Coffee Drinking Statistics by Rebecca Lake

Fight Cancer and Detoxify With a Coffee Enema by Dr. Josh Axe

The Gerson Therapy by The Gerson Institute

Health Benefits and Risks of Drinking Coffee by Joseph Nordqvist

How to Do a Coffee Enema: Recipes and Instructions by Kraig and Kristina Amelong

My practice, Constance Jones – Colon Hydrotherapy in Manchester, Connecticut, is committed to providing a nurturing, holistic approach to this procedure. I use a comfortable and hygienic, multi-filtered FDA registered system. Please contact me to schedule an appointment with me or my new associate Olga.

Constance Jones – Colon Hydrotherapy makes no claim or guarantee for cure or relief of any symptoms, medical conditions, or disease when using coffee enemas.