How To Relieve Pain Through Guided Meditation

How To Relieve Pain

If the top concern for the client is on the physical level, we look at where they carry their tension or pain in the body.

Since the session is individualized to meet their needs it will be a unique combination of modalities which could include core/cranial sacral, deep tissue, polarity, reflexology, bars, acupressure, hands on healing, energy balancing and counseling.

Many times stress patterns and pain in the physical have emotional or genetic components. I address these by combining many forms of bodywork, energywork, and counseling to unwind the stress and pain pattern.

Using these modalities combined with my intuition I provide for the client a very effective session to unwind their pain and tension from inside out.

Reducing General Pain On Your Own

(Reducing eye strain from the computer)
Release Eye Strain for Computer Eyes:

1. Be Comfortable: Sit comfortably. Both feet flat on the ground, this helps stability.

2. Hot Hands: Rub your hands back and forth as fast as you can, lightly touching, this allows you to go faster and then press harder for more friction to produce more heat.

3. Cup Eyes: When your hands are nice and hot, cup them and place the palms over your closed eyes and let the heat penetrate your eyes.

4. Breathe Deep: Take a deep breathe and feel your body relax as well. Hold your hands there until the heat starts to subside and repeat the process.

5. HAVE FUN: The heat will relax all of your eye muscles and help with fatigue and eyestrain. It’s also fun to do.

Reducing Headaches

1. Thumbs Into Skull: Begin with your hands relaxed, then place the tips of your thumbs underneath the base of your skull where it feels like two dips are in the skull (called the occiput), around two to three inches from the center depending on the size of your head.

2. Allow Pressure Points To Shift: Point your thumbs towards the space just above your eyebrows. Imagine sending light from your thumbs through your head and out, just above your eyebrows. Hold these points gently until you feel that they relax, release heat, pulse or tingle. When they feel changed (30 seconds to 3 minutes) release your right hand, still keep your left thumb in place.

3. Back Of Skull To Front of Forehead: Place your right pointer finger above the center of the right eyebrow. Now imagine energy flowing between the left thumb (pointed diagonally toward the space above your right eyebrow) and your right pointer finger. Again hold these points until they feel released (30 seconds to 3 minutes).

4. Switch Diagonal: Now place the right thumb back in the dip in the skull, occipital region, and place the left pointer finger above the left center of the left eyebrow. This point might be tender. Hold these 2 points together until released.

5. Notice: Take a deep breath and feel the shifts in your head. Repeat the process to deepen the effects.

Reducing Back Pain

1. Location: Put your hands on your lower back and breath love into your back.

2. Find Pain: Choose two points that are either sore or tight on your back and place your thumbs there.

3. Breathe: Hold the two points and breathe into them until you feel some heat, some softening, or relaxation.

4. Lengthen: Stand up with both feet flat on the floor and lengthen through your spine. Hold one point on your back, let your other arm hang down, bend you middle finger and press gently into your leg. Hold this point with the other hand on any back point and imagine light and energy flowing between the points. Hold the points and focus on the connection until you feel a shift and relaxation (usually between 30 seconds and 3 minutes).

5. Repeat: On the other side. Continue this process with any other points on the back that need it. This will reduce many backaches.