CranioSacral Therapy


The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and cerebraospinal fluid. It is referred to as "central" because it combines information from the entire body and coordinates activity across the whole organism. Multiple systems encompass the cns such as craniosacral, fascial, lymphatic, parasysmpathic, muscloskeletal,glial,endrocine. All these systems and others interact to provide normal stability and functioning to the body.

The brain is the central control module of the body from physical motion to the secretion of hormones, the creation of memories, and the sensation of emotion. The craniosacral system consists of the skull,vertebral column,sacrum and coccyx. It is the structural aspect of the cns protecting the brain and the spinal cord and fluid.

The cerebrospinal fluid works by a rhythm to feed the systems with the information transmitted from the brain. This rhythm is felt by the practitioner upon placing his or her hands over the appropriate designated areas of the craniosacral system. When you have an issue of the mind, body or spirit the rhythm then becomes spasmotic and irregular in rate pattern, causing various symptoms of discomfort,disease, emotional imbalance, anxiety etc. The tension patterns are retained in the tissue and cell memories of the brain and therefore causing tightening of the cns system affecting the whole body’s well being.

 CranioSacral therapy releases tension to restore and optimize and regulate nervous system health, reduce pain, and lower anxiety therefore helping the immune system to operate at a high level.