Quest for Wholeness


As a CranioSacral Therapist my biggest challenge is relaying to others what exactly it is. I briefly explain how it engages one’s nervous system to create balance which allows a cascade of self-healing shifts in the body. As programmed Westerners we have a tough time accepting these wholistic possibilities, and CST becomes another choice in the arena of confusion.

Each wholistic healthcare possibility, no matter what it is called or what its origin, is based on this idea: acquiring awareness of, and utilizing the power of, your mind and energy body to work with your physical body. This may seem like a lot to ask of ourselves, but once we allow this idea into our psyches things can shift and our whole being seeks a more perfect place. The headaches, the high blood pressure, the chronic low back pain, the depression, the arthritis, the IBS, the TMJ, may just stop arguing with you.

All the choices available to you are merely the vehicles on this quest for finding your wholeness. You must find what works for you. Trust your intuition on this. Be patient. There really is something to that sense that a given practitioner or therapy just seems right. Consistency is more than half the process (not battle).

The paradigm of modern, conventional medicine does not include this idea of wholeness, and so does not address the energetic aspect of health: our sensing, knowing, and trusting what is right and appropriate for us. Good health is a journey not a destination. Few other modalities besides CranioSacral Therapy actually hold a necessary and sacred space in which shifts can happen, where clarity can surface. Much like life itself, where countless small choices/changes/shifts have led to exactly who you are in this moment, your journey through healing and into wellness is no doubt reliant on those choices/changes/shifts that are based on a wholeness approach. I invite you to experience CranioSacral Therapy in your quest for wholeness.

I send mid-winter blessings to all....