Crystals To Connect With Angels During Psychic Readings

Crystals To Connect With Angels During Psychic Readings

Whether you’re a psychic reader delivering a reading or a consumer receiving a reading, you can work with certain crystals to more easily connect with your angels and guides and to your intuitive senses during a reading. I suggest pairing whatever crystals you choose with grounding crystals so that you remain anchored to the Earth at all times.

If you’re giving a reading, this can result in clearer messages, more accurate readings, and higher client satisfaction. If you’re receiving a reading, this may help your interpretation of the messages that you receive, your connection to your reader, and your sense of your guides’ energy during the process.

Always hold strong boundaries and make a non-negotiable rule that you are open only to those energies of the highest vibration and in your highest and best good.

During the reading, you may wear the crystals, hold them in your receptive hand (often your non-dominant hand), set them on the table near you, keep them in a pocket or bra, or stow them in a handbag or backpack close to you. The key is to have them within your auric field; within arm’s reach is usually a good bet.

The following crystals are all beneficial for psychic readings.

Chevron Amethyst
Lapis Lazuli
Purple Anhydrite (Purple Angelite)
Rainbow Fluorite
Purple Fluorite
Rainbow Moonstone
Black Moonstone
Hawk Eye
Clear Quartz
Super Seven