What is Whole Food Cleansing + Your Guide to Self Healing

What is Whole Food Cleansing + Your Guide to Self Healing

Whole food cleansing was a game-changer in my health journey and is a practice I utilize with most all of my clients. So what is whole food cleansing? How does it benefit even the most chronic health concerns, and how can we approach this from an intuitive eating standpoint? 

Whole food cleansing: The Basics
Now, I approach cleansing from a broader perspective. In the modern world fads like The Master Cleanse, Whole 30, Atkins, and otherwise, have been widely manipulated and pushed upon the public for reasons other than health. The cleansing industry often preys upon the perceptions of body image other than health. While I cannot say the master cleanse, whole thirty and others don’t have their benefits I can say that cleansing should be seen in another light.

An Ancient Practice 
The practice of cleansing is both primal and practiced in many cultures around the globe.  Ideal health has been widely western-sized and we have lost many of these practices. In many cultures parasite purges and cleansing are frequent. From a primal standpoint practicing intermittent fasting is second nature as we dive deep into our roots as hunter-gatherers. So why have we lost this practice?

A large segment of whole food cleansing follows these ideologies. Herbals to support bacteria and parasites overgrowth in addition to whole plant-based foods to support the body with high amounts of micro and macronutrients are essential. I also incorporate IF for digestive rest.

Those are the three keys to a whole food cleanse 

Whole foods
Whole, high energy plant-based foods. This style of cleansing is not about food limitation or otherwise, this is about an influx of body healing ingredients in high amounts

Herbal support is highly encouraged in this type of cleanse and should be bio-individualized on a person to person bias. I cannot tell you that one herbal is right for everyone. This is a case by case remedy I dive into deep with my clientele and on my own personal cleanses.

Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting is a process fo fasting for 12-16 hours e to promote digestive rest and support the metabolism. This is not for everyone but can be very beneficial for those suffering from gut illness, severe bloating or otherwise.

Making Cleansing Intuitive 
Now, cleansing is always about supporting the body and never about depriving it. For that reason, I encourage a method of eating called “intuitive conscious eating”. This is a process in which you follow your body's cravings with the knowledge that this is in the best support of your body. It is a process of eating that recognized the body as a complex entity in which it knows how to best support itself so you can thrive. In fact, food is like code to the human body.  Now with cleansing,  I recommend a 21 day supported cleanse, Like my program the conscious cleanse. I do so for a few reasons, due to the state of food and environment on this planet it is essential we cleanse the body of the toxins that are making us sick. These toxins in our food (pesticides and likewise ) are high in additives and are complex chemicals and structures. Take sugar, for example, addictive and attached to dopamine response. We have overdone sugar in this society and our bodies can’t tell right from wrong.  Other additives have similar effects on the body as well. Think primal, go back to whole foods and through 21 days of this habit-forming ritual you will have supported and transformed your body's ability to intuitively eat.

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