Plants vs. the diabetes diet: Which is better?

Plants vs. the diabetes diet: Which is better?


Eating a diet based on whole plant foods-- beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables -- can help to reverse diabetes.

When Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physician's Committee put a plant-based diet up against the popular diabetes diet (ADA diet), he found this:

  • The ADA diet slowed the progression of diabetes, but the diabetes still got a worse.
  • The plant-based diet started to reverse diabetes, and the diabetes got BETTER!

Will you chose a diet that can actually make your diabetes worse, and as a result, you'll have to take more diabetes medications? Or will you chose the diet that lowers your blood sugar and can actually erase your diabetes?

Eating a plant-based diet is a matter of setting your sights on a life that is free of diabetes drugs, blood sugar monitoring, and complications such as blindness, amputations and numb and tingling feet and hands, and dialysis. Foods like whole grain breads and cereals, bean tacos and salads, and leafy green vegetables can improve your numbers and change your life.