Skipping breakfast lowers blood glucose

Skipping breakfast lowers blood glucose

It's in the news again, and it is NONSENSE: Skipping breakfast does NOT causes obesity and heart disease.

There's no causation here, folks. In fact skipping breakfast is a kind of intermittent fasting, and intermittent fasting is a great way to lower blood glucose numbers and to lose weight.

The more time that you spend not eating (in the fasted state), the more chance your body has to empty fat stores which reduces insulin resistance, lowers glucose numbers, and drives those pounds down.

This skipping-breakfast routine is referred to as 16:8 intermittent fasting. You abstain from food for 16 hours, and you eat two meals and perhaps a snack in the eight remaining hours of the day. So you restrict your eating window to 8 hours.

Go ahead... Try it!

Finish your evening meal by 7:00 pm. Have nothing to eat during the night, and go about your morning without food. At 11am or so, eat a healthful breakfast or early lunch. Have a mid-day snack if you need, and eat a light dinner. Vegetable-bean chili or soup, salad, vegetables, and other grains work really well. Drink plenty of water. You'll be surprised how easy it can be and how light and energetic you'll feel. Not to mention how fast your blood glucose numbers DROP!

** Note: Reversing the routine is even more effective. That is, eat a hearty breakfast when you wake up and then eat a light lunch. Have a piece of fruit or small salad in the afternoon, and then skip dinner. Eat nothing else that evening.

*** Note: If you take insulin or medications that lower your blood sugar by increasing insulin production, or any kind of medication that could result in low blood sugar by not eating, contact your doctor first for his or her go ahead with fasting.