Sleep Myths and Facts

Sleep Myths and Facts

Myth:  Eating before bed will make you more tired

Truth:  The goal is to have a quiet body.  Eating revs up your metabolism.  Drinking a cold beverage will do the same, as the body produces energy to warm it up.

Myth:  Alcohol depresses your metabolism and makes it easier to sleep

Truth: Alcohol is cateregorized as a depressant.  It may initially promote sleep onset, but it is known to cause awakenings later in the night.

Myth:  You can function well on less than six hours of sleep or less if you wake up rested

Truth:  Sleep depreivation is hard on the body and mind.  While adequate sleep is essential just to feel good, it allows the body to produce substances that fight infections and inflammation.  It is during our sleeping hours that multitudes of body functions are renewed and supported - even the production of chemicals that enhance deep sleep and communications with organs such as the stomach (a connection that helps prevent mindless eating and food cravings during the day). Getting on the average of 6-9 hours of sleep a night is ideal.

Myth:  Watching TV helps distract us from a hectic day and quiets the mind down so we can go to sleep.

Truth:  Your brain doesn't start the production of sleep hormones until it is dark and  you're relaxed...yes that means the TV and blue screens, such as tablets and phones, are turned off.   Sleep depreivation affects our behavior, moods, ability to cope, thinking and immune systems to name a few.  

Not sleeping?  Working with a Health and Wellness Coach, such as myself, can help you get back on track and feeling and thinking your best!