Chew on This: How REALLY Chewing Your Food Can Change Your Life!

Chew on This: How REALLY Chewing Your Food Can Change Your Life!

When it comes to the relationship between the health of our digestive system and what we eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks: nothing is neutral. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that WHAT we eat for meals and snacks is the most important thing of all but it’s not. Equally important and in some cases and conditions even MORE important are considerations of WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW MUCH, and HOW we eat what we eat.

In this regard, NOTHING is more important than chewing our food properly completely, effectively.

Chewing our food is an example of what I call, an Integrity Gap. Everyone knows we are supposed to chew our food, but very few people remember to do it consistently and fewer still remember why.

Here’s why: It works! The endogenous digestive enzymes (the digestive enzymes made by our body) for the digestion (or breaking down) of all carbohydrates are in our saliva. The more we chew the more digestive enzymes our body produces. If we don’t digest carbohydrates in our mouth as the result of proper chewing, they don’t get digested anywhere else. And this causes many problems downstream.

The lack of proper chewing results in a condition called INDIGESTION which is without question the number one digestive system disorder or complaint in the world today.

The list of symptoms caused by INDIGESTION which is caused by the lack of proper, complete and effective endless.

So, we may not have total control over what we eat, or when we eat or where we eat due to our work schedule, parenting schedule, school schedule etc but we always 100% of the time have total control over HOW we at and that includes chewing.

Slow Down

Chew each mouthful until it becomes liquid in your mouth. Don’t put more food in your mouth until the first bite is swallowed. This sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Try it. Do it!

Do this simple experiment. Make an ironclad commitment to chew each mouthful until it becomes liquid in your mouth for each and every mouthful for each and every meal…for seven days in a row.

Doing this will change your life! And your stomach will thank you more than you can imagine. Proper chewing is transformational.

Here’s a bonus feature on chewing: Guess what mothers did before the advent of industrialized, mass-produced baby food? Guess what the original baby food was? C’mon…guess! Yes, you guessed it. The mother would take the same food she was going to eat herself, chew it up thoroughly into a liquid pulp, spit it into a bowl and feed it to her baby. The pre-chewed baby food contained digestive enzymes and probiotics (healthy bacteria) from the mother. This simple process ensured the highest quality nutrition for the baby with little to no burping, indigestion, colic, or spitting upon the part of the baby.

Happy belly? Happy baby. Happy baby? Happy Momma. Happy Momma? Happy home.

When we find and do the things that nourish us best all will be well today and in all the days ahead. CHEWING is one of the things that nourish EVERYONE best. No exceptions. CHEWING is an exceptional habit and one of the MOST COMPLEMENTARY health habits of all.


A word to the wise is sufficient. Eat less. Chew more.


Share how this chewing experiment changes your eating experiment in the comments below!


Russell Mariani is a Health Educator, Nutrition Counselor and Digestive Wellness expert. He has been in private practice since 1980. He has helped thousands regain their health and well-being. His book, Healing Digestive Illness, can be found exclusively at