The One Activity Everyone Does Every Day That Burns the Most Calories of All

Thought you'd all be interested in a few important points from a fantastic blog written by my good friend and mentor Joe Cannon (for more info on Joe and all the WONDERFUL "People I Like" click here!)

Did you know there are only 3 ways our bodies expend energy (in other words, burn calories) over the course of 24 hours?

They are:

1. Exercise
2. Resting Metabolic Rate (or RMR)
3. Thermic effect of food

Exercise, of course, is self-explanatory but what (you may be wondering) are the other two?

Well, RMR is basically the energy our bodies use just performing automatic functions like breathing, the heart beating, keeping the urine in our bladders warm so we don't get hypothermia, etc.

And the thermic effect of food is the energy we use to digest food. Yes, that’s right, it does take energy (calories) to digest and process the foods we eat.

But of the three metabolic processes which do you suppose burns the most calories? (Hint: exercise comes in second!) You guessed it: RMR burns (or requires) the most calories...IN OTHER WORDS WE ARE MOST EFFICIENT AT BURNING CALORIES WHEN AT REST!!!

Now any of you who've ever attended one of my fitness-related classes, lectures, or presentations know I can talk about the value of rest ad nauseam...I typically open with comments like "many Americans exercise way too much!" or "did you know muscles actually only grow when at rest?"

But the point I'd like to make today is that Joe's article is really just one more example what I always say about our health being akin to a 3-legged stool: unless we move well, eat well, and rest well, optimum health will always elude us.

In fact, I also often say that of the three "legs" of our "health stool," REST/RELAXATION MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT "LEG" OF ALL!

So what's the best way to make sure we not only get great sleep on a regular basis but keep our stress levels as low as possible even during waking hours? Why T'ai Chi Chih Moving Meditation of course!

(Okay you got me: T'ai Chi Chih certainly isn't the ONLY way to meditate but it’s most likely the EASIEST way so to my way of thinking that makes it the BEST way!!!)

My next class begins in just a couple weeks so don't miss here for more information (OR JUST CALL ME!)

Yours in health AND PEACE

Written by:
Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC
HCC Lifestyle Coach