Sacred Feminine Nutrition

Sacred Feminine Nutrition

Sacred feminine nutrition, is not about gender, it’s about the energy of the Feminine, the yin, the essence, the soft, the dark, it’s about going in, honoring seasons, rhythms, cycles and phases…

It’s about slowing down enough to feel yourself and from this place, to listen to your body needs.. to become observant, to notice how food makes you feel. And the begin to listen to that - to honor these signals your body is giving… and to make the adjustments to our intake based on our own inner wisdom as your guide.

This is our starting place…

Food is something that many of us have the luxury of eating everyday, and most of us don’t know what, when or how to eat anymore. Culturally, we have turned the simplicity of choice into complexity of indecision.

We no longer know the source of our food, who it comes from or what is in it. Food has become something that comes in a box or a can, something we can pick up in a drive thru or something that contains ingredients we can’t even pronounce. The concept of food and eating have gone beyond, eating for survival or nourishment.

What’s right for me? 

We have the media telling us, “butter is bad and margarine is good” and then years later changing their minds and saying; “no, margarine is bad and butter is good”. 

We have the latest fad diet books, tellingl us what to eat and what not to eat. Every new fad diet book is coming out with the new latest and greatest.

Friends are often judging us based on their latest diet, social media is telling us what to eat, what “you should”. AND no one seems to agree!

At Wise Womb Medicine Path we work with supporting YOU in coming home to the remembrance of your intuition, using this as your guide, as your oracle, while also educating you on the basic framework and foundational knowledge and concepts around nutrition.

We don’t tell you what to eat, we teach you how to listen and become a masterful interpreter of your bodies messages. We teach you're about what certain cravings mean for nutritional deficiencies, etc.

We asses symptoms, lifestyle, relationships, career, money etc. To truly see what your state of BEING is.

Receiving nourishment from what we eat is intricately tied in with stress, the way we live, what we feel, what we think, what we are surrounded by.

Mental State, Stress, Emotional Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition 

These are ALL inextricably interrelated. Our society now has an abundance of food related issues; clinical eating disorders, body-image issues, overeating, binge eating, “should-ing” on ourselves or guilting ourselves because we should “know better”, all of which have effects of our overall health, not to mention is deeply tied into our digestive system.

Many people have become heroic cleansers (extreme fasting, cleaning techniques that are a bit harsh for the body), vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, chronic dieters, etc., Not saying there is anything wrong with any of these “diets”, but what is wrong is people telling us, overriding our own inner wisdom by telling us what we should do.

The second rule here at WWMP (wise womb medicine path) is we don’t SHOULD on you. We don’t tell you what you should do and how you should do it… RATHER, we look at you, who you are, what’s happened/ing in your life, your ancestry to see YOU, how you process the world, and then we begin to very gently unpack what may be happening on the deeper levels, we support you in unwinding emotional connection to food if that is present for you, we help you to unravel what you may mistake as inner guidance for cravings which are often signs of deficiencies and the bodies way of getting what it needs… We help you to come back to the remembrance your inner voice, and help you sift through what is in the way of that, to make more empowered choices.


How can we make more empowered choices related to health and nourishment?

Our choices can either manifest as health or dis-ease. We have come to believe that the daily, weekly or monthly discomforts we experience, such as; fatigue, acne, headaches, eczema, constipation, anxiety, joint pain, PMS, cramps, depression, gas, bloating, belching and nausea are simply normal. These ailments are not normal, they have just become our norm.

As a part of Sacred Feminine Nutrition, we create personalized gentle resets to get all parts of ourselves clear, so we can really come to the deep listening of our inner voice.

Real health begins when you are inspired to make the empowered choice and to shift out of unsupportive patterns. We believe Education is POWER and the more we are educated while also being realistic with ourselves, in creating sustainable eating habits. The better you feel, the more you will keep doing it!